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Historic Formula Vee Association of Australia

Historic Engine Sealers

We now have two historic engine sealers in Queensland with Brett Curtis and John Alder, two
very respected guys that can help with technical advice and specs with regard to Historic
Formula Vee. Brett has agreed to be the Queensland Technical director for Historic Formula Vee
and with his experience going all the way back to the historic VB era his knowledge is of great

                                    National Technical Director and Engine Sealer

                                                                                Phil Lewis
                                                                           Hawkesbury River
                                                                           Ph: 02 4579 8107
                                                                          Mob: 0421 808 482



Brett Curtis 

96 Baanya St
Wurtulla QLD 4575
Ph: 07 5493 5214
Email: explicit1@bigpond.com

John Alder

10 McGrath St
Waterford West
QLD 4133
Ph: 07 3841 7005  
Mob: 0408199639
Email: johnbeeb@optusnet.com.au

David Cutts

Ph: 02 9627 2810
Mob: 0422 635 339
Email: info@jacer.com.au

Phil Lewis

Ph: 02 4578-4924
Mob: 0421 808 482

Graham Gerbert 

14 Hornbuckle Cres
Melton VIC 3337
Ph: 03 9743 5673
Email: gerbert@bigpond.com

John Dean

Factory 10, 5 Edelmaier St
Bayswater VIC
Mob: 0402 031 141


Colin Merz

Wanniassa ACT
Mob: 0412 316 275


John Tucker      
Mob: 0438012752
Kym Adams       
Mob: 0417839219

Engine Seals for Historic Vees

All Historic Vees are now required to have additional engine sealing tags applied and be sealed by HFVAA approved historic sealers. The names of the sealers for NSW, Qld, Victoria and the ACT are on the Technical page along with an explanation of the requirements. Sealers in other states will be announced in the near future. This is a CAMS Historic Commission approved directive and is applicable to all Group V cars.

Below is the excerpt from the HCC minutes:


Bryan Miller tabled a submission for the consideration of the Commission in relation to the sealing of Formula Vee engines.

The Commission noted the proposed listing of engine sealers and also gave their support for the self-regulation of Group V by the HFVAA.

ACTION: Executive Officer to make the necessary amendments to the CAMS Manual and publish
the listing on the CAMS website.

Go to our Forms & Rules Page for the CAMS rules for both classes.

Historic Engine Rules and Seals

The rules for sealing of engines both Va or Vb cars are available in this website. Formula Vee has always been a sealed category and being in an historic category dedicated to the preservation and restoration of cars of a by gone era, these principles still remain. The main points to look for in a true historic engine are.

(a) The crankshaft has balancing marks only and not lightened in anyway.
(b) One end of one conrod must be untouched when balancing.
(c) One piston must remain untouched when balancing and only removal of metal from inside
of the piston and not from the edge of the skirt to change the profile of the piston.
(d) The combustion chambers must be 43cc.
(e) The rockers are to be 1200 rockers NOT 1600 rockers. The 1600 rockers are identified by
two stripes on the sides of the rockers, the 1200 don't. Also standard push rods (maximum
length 272.5mm) are used as per the rules previous to 1985.
In addition to seals on the engine case and heads, the rockers must be sealed on as in the
(f) Standard Volkswagen 1200 manifold is used.

An historic engine needs to have coloured tags fitted under the seals to show that they have been sealed to the correct specifications and can be easily checked by the scrutineers.

It is also advisable to have a copy of the sealing sheet with you at race meetings.

Remember the more information on your vehicle you can supply to the eligibility committee the
easier your application can proceed. i.e.:

- Log books
- Photos and documentation
- Photos of car from its racing background if possible
- Old racing programs if possible
- Any information from previous owners if possible.

We will help our members in any way we can with gathering information and putting the
documentation together so please contact anyone on the committee for help.

Phil Lewis
HFVAA Technical Director

Certificate of Description

As time goes by we will all have to think about getting a Certificate Of Description and an Historic Log Book from CAMS. While the cost of this is $600.00 it will add double that if not more to the value of your car and ensure your car continues to have a place in the History of Australian Motor

You can download a copy of the application Form on the right.

For more information go to the CAMS Historic web site. This link will show you what is required by CAMS to achieve a successful C of D application. They made a point that this was a very well presented submission.

Note: the photographs, as this is what ends up in your documentation once approved.

Certificate Of Description Application Form

A Model C of D Application

HFVAA Panel of Experts

We now have a Panel of Experts in all things Formula Vee. These knowledgeable gentlemen will help us get our cars up to scratch and all correct for C of D applications.

The gentlemen are:

  • Keith Poole (SA)
  • Phil Lewis (NSW)
  • Frank Klienig (NSW)
  • Paul Corcoran (NSW)
  • John Dean (VIC)
  • David Cutts (NSW)
  • Colin Merz (ACT)
  • Greg Hepburn (NSW)
  • More to be confirmed in QLD and VIC.

Use the email form on our contacts page and your questions will be forwarded to 'The Panel' for comment.


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