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Tasman Revival 2010
       Start of trophy race
Photo curtesy of Rick  at salespctek@idx.com.au

    Finally we have found the photographer who took this fantastic shot. His details are above.
A  quick word from Nick Sebesfi

Hi all,
Just a quick word of thanks to EVERYONE who pitched in and helped to get my poor old battered car back up and running on Saturday afternoon.
When I got back in from the race I just assumed that my weekend was over - I seem cursed at Wakefield recently, but Phil quickly said "bugger that" (or words to that effect) and the troops quickly rallied.  After a wise eye was cast over some dodgy Tasmanian pipework on my chassis (thanks Tony for taking the time to inspect it), a meeting of the minds, several sets of shoulders and the vertical support for the carports joined together to beat the trailing arms back into a semblenace of shape - with Phil applying years of FVee barnyard engineering experience to find a practical way to attempt to straighten them. Then, with the patience of Job, Cutch - who had done the major portion of dissembly of the trailing arm - reassembled it then helped me realign the body.
Mike Collins was kind enough to lend me a surplus rocker cover the for the damaged one and I put that on last thing Saturday after some fierce cleaning (please remind me that I owe you one).
Sunday dawned and Phil quickly gave Cutch and me a wheel alignment tutorial and loaned us his alignment rig.  With me acting as very frustrated ballast (I'd have preferred to be doing something active), Cutch struggled with tthe joys of upside-down parallax on the tape measure and we both banged heads discussing the merits of which way the bars adjusted on the steering arms (it's really not THAT complicated when you think about it). We then reattached the body and I rigged up a means of holding it in place for the day.  As Cutch moved on to race-prepping his own beastie, I adjusted the rear brakes, which had been locking intermittently and increasingly on Saturday, then took it for a rip arond the pits.
I have to confess to having a little trepidation as we went out for the warmup lap, but since I was at the back of the field, I gave it a fairly serious thrashing, weaving, braking hard, cornering hard around the top and the fish hook all on the warm up.  When we started, I decided that no matter how good a start I got, I was going to let everyone into T2 before me as I just was not certain how it would go, but over the first two or three laps my confidence built and I had a blast (although it was a fairly isolated run).
The second event today saw my clutch cable come loose at the 1 minute warning on the dummy grid - ah well - it was good to watch you all hooting around.  Sorry Edward for not making an appearance after you gave me such a rap on the PA!
In the last event, my unwillingness to get too close to anyone into t2 again saw me following the crocodile up the hill - it was an amazing sight that I guess a few of you would have been in before.  But as the last of 11 or 12 guys, all less than 1 car length apart all the way to the top of the hill, it looked REALLY good.  I am sure that as our fields grow, we'll get plenty of people watching our races.  After a very determined drive (I had lost the draft of Ian and the two Michaels due to my conservative move into the fish hook on L1 as I was in close proximity to Steve's rear end), I finally caught Michael P and Ian on the penultimate lap and we had an amazing finish - even though we were well down the field.  i hope someone got a picture of it...
All in all I had a great weekend of racing and camerarderie - thanks again to everyone.  It's great that we all carport together, I am confident that no other racing group gets on as well as we do.
I plan for a complete rebuild on the Elfin and I certainly intend to do the Tasman, if not something before.
Kind regards,
HSRCA Summer Wakefield Park Meeting 25 & 26 Feb 2012

Well, summer Wakefield has been run and won (by a few). A great weekend was had by all with no serious incidents. With 15 entries the vees had stand-alone races, one practice session plus 5 races. This is possibly the best value HSRCA event of the year!

The weather was as good as Wakefield gets with Friday warm verging on hot, Saturday warm and sunny and Sunday overcast with rain later in the day. We were fortunate to avoid a wet track, later races were not so lucky.

Most of us were at the track on Friday to sort ourselves and cars. Goldie was a casualty after reporting a hit from behind by a Formula Ford that a broke shock absorber mount and bent some other bits. He elected to save some money and return home rather than an emergency repair.

Saturday practice saw David Cutts on pole in the 1:13’s, the only sub 1:14 recorded for the weekend. This is well under the existing lap record of 1:14:52. The record took quite a battering during the weekend ending up in Daniel’s hands at 1:14:04!

I won’t attempt race reports from my limited view at the rear of the field, however a few highlights gleaned from the results and gossip are:

Daniel had a top three finish in every race, one of them a winner. Tony had three wins and David one. David had DNF’s in the first two races and a rear of grid start in the third as we were running progressive grids.

Luc, James and Phil each scored a third place during the weekend.

In race one David, Phil and Leigh failed to finish. All started race 2 but David only lasted one lap. Nick and Norm came together putting Norm out for the weekend. Nick was back up and running after straightening a trailing arm, replacing a bent rocker cover and a major wheel alignment. Bends in the chassis tubes will be fixed another time.

Race 3 saw everyone finish uneventfully.

Race 4 Nick failed to start after his clutch cable disconnected on the dummy grid. Tony went gardening at the top of the hill on the first lap after the throttle stuck however recovered to finish fourth.

Race 5 saw rain threatening and some light drizzle but the track remained unaffected. Luc took an early mark so we were down to 12 starters. All finished without incident.

Steve was frustrated by gear shift problems all weekend but managed to keep running most of the time. Paul had his first outing since Tasman 2010 to shake some of the cobwebs out the car and himself. Apparently flat spotted tyres can be a problem if the car sits on them in the trailer for 16 months! Mike C was unobtrusively quick all weekend and between races was observed feet up on the lounge with a glass of champagne supervising Charlie doing the dirty work.

Judging from the results sheets there were plenty of close finishes. For example in the fourth race David lead Daniel home by .02 secs with Phil third, Tony .16 secs and Leigh a further .14 secs behind Phil.

In the fifth race Tony lead David by .01 secs and Ian, Nick and Mike P crossed the line 3 abreast with gaps of .03 and .1 seconds.

Throw in some socialising in the evenings and a great weekend was had by all.
To all the VIC guys with Vees but not out there yet.

Geoff Kelly is doing a great job in VIC but as there are few CoD cars as yet, is pushing for sprints and Hillclimbs. It is starting to work, so very shortly they will be fielding grids as big as NSW. Get those cars ready guys as I can see some great battles on the track at Winton.
Below is Geoff's email to the guys.
You missed a great day at Winton yesterday for a round of the Marque Sports Car Association (MSCA) sprints.  Plenty of track time with the heat being the only negative aspect of the day.  The organisers were calling out for more cars to take to the track towards the end of the day but many packed up and headed home because of the temperature. In short, these days offer lots of track time with little cost. They are well orgainsed and whether you enter the sprint or the regularity class, you will not come away disappointed. We had Julian Fordham (Elfin 500) and Grant Kelly (Stag) competing. Both put in times under the 2.00 min barrier and could have gone quicker in the last event but were held up by other cars in front. Good work by both, especially Grant as this was his first foray onto a race track after the hillclimb events. The cars created a fair amount of interest and possibly a couple of converts to join the vee ranks in the future. The MSCA event is at Sandown on 4/3/12, the week before the historic meeting at Phillip Island- don't miss it.

Geoff Kelly
HFVAA Vic rep
VHRR Group V rep

Vale Mike Russell

It is with deep sadness to inform you all of the passing of our
Queensland Committee member and good friend Mike Russell, Mike passed away on Wednesday 22nd June
 after battling a long illness.
The HFVAA would like to extend our sympathy to Mike's wife Sharon and
his family and friends, he will be greatly missed. 
Stott Raises the Bar
At last Sunday's Eastern Creek round of the NSW CAMS State Supersprint Championship Greg Stott, in his 1967 Mako Mk1,  achieved a new lap time of  1:57.9938.
This is pretty impressive when you realise that for the Tasman event last year Greg qualified second behind David Cutts
with a time of 2:00.   David  had managed a 1:59.77.   Though not recognised as a new lap record, as it was set outside a race meeting,
it means that Greg will be the one to watch at the forthcoming June 25-26 meeting at Eastern Creek.
Get your entry in ASAP to this meeting as it looks to be a cracker. 
See you there.
Eastern Creek Super Sprint

The next Super Sprint is on 22nd May at Eastern Creek.
Entry forms are available from ARDC and Eastern Creek web sites. Leigh Hemmings and Greg Stott will be there, so get out and join them.
It is an excellent opportunity to practice and set up your car as well as getting timed track sessions. There are plenty of laps throughout the day.
Cars are sent out in order of there lap times - fastest to slowest - with approx. 200m clear track in front of you and behind you.
The Vees are near the back of the queue.
Sessions are highly UNLIKELY to be red flagged because of accidents as there is no racing. It is also an excellent opportunity to practice at  The Creek on a more user family
 friendly day ( Sunday) instead of the busy Friday before the next HSRCA meeting in June. Work commitments usually prevent practice opportunities for many drivers. 
Hope to see a few familiar faces there.

                                                   Tasman Revival at Taupo and NZ Festival of Motor Racing

Racing in New Zealand, January 2011 – Tasman Revival at Taupo and NZ Festival of Motor Racing celebrating Chris Amon at Hampton Downs

Six Queenslanders sent their cars to New Zealand over the New Year to race at the Tasman Revival Meeting at Taupo on 15/16 January, and then the NZ Festival of Motor Racing celebrating Chris Amon over the next two weekends at Hampton Downs.
Drivers and cars were Stephen Wilkins (Lola T440 Formula Ford), John Wishart (Welsor Clubman), Bruce McPhail (CRD F2), Allan Conway (Gemini FJ), Jim Waugh (Spectre FV) and Alan Don (Stag FV). They joined other Australians there, including Peter Boel (Lotus 41 and Swift FB88 F Ford), Roger Ealand who had arranged a drive in a magnificent Lola Mk 1, Malcolm Oastler sharing a drive with Adrian Reynard in a Mallock U2, and 9 cars from WA.
Only the Queensland cars ran at the Taupo event, although Bruce McPhail was a non-starter due to his house having been flooded two days earlier in the Brisbane floods. However Bruce was able to run at the last weekend of the NZFMR. Taupo is a flat 3.3km track with 14 turns and a long back straight, giving plenty of opportunity for handling to catch power through the tighter infield sections. All five Qld cars ran in the “historic” group of 9 FF, 3 sports racers, 2FJ and 2 FV, with Peter Boel’s Lotus expiring in practice with coolant coming from all the wrong places. John Wishart was the best placed Qld finisher, while the FJ and FV group enjoyed squabbling over last place.
The caravan moved on to The Festival of New Zealand Motor Racing at Hampton Downs, a 2.8km track with 8 turns, opened late in 2009. An extension is underway which will take it out to about 4km. The track has interesting rises and falls, including two blind corners that drop away under you – the one at the end of the main straight is quite challenging as it comes at the fastest point of the track.
The Festival was two three-day weekends with a mix of historic racing, fast demonstrations by some of Chris Amon’s cars, and saloons and GTs from the period, a daily lunchtime parade of Amon cars and those representing types that Chris had driven, and displays by aerobatic teams and NZ’s World Superbike rider Andrew Stroud. There was the launch of a new Amon book, and the Chris Amon Dinner on the last Saturday.
More than 300 cars and bikes took part. The ten race groups were based on type and age of cars – e.g F5000/F1; Invited 1960’s Saloons and GT; Formula Ford; Tasman Cars; FJ/F3/FV etc. The guest race class on the first weekend was pre-1963 classic race motorcycles, and on the second weekend muscle cars.  There were 29 F5000 and 1 F1 – the 1974 Amon AF1-01, 34 F Fords, 17 Tasman; 29 Sports/Sports Racing/GT, 21 GJ/F3/FV, 33 Early Historics and Sports Racing, 18 Super Historics (wings and slicks), and 84 Saloons and GTs in 3 age classes.
Unfortunately the weather wasn’t as kind as it had been at Taupo. Friday’s practice and qualifying was dry, as was Saturday morning, but by early afternoon the rain and wind started and by the end of racing that day it was definitely a very wet track. The remains of a cyclone from Vanuatu was making its way down the west coast. It rained all night and next morning, flooding several sections of the track, so the organizers had to cancel Sunday’s racing. The rain caused severe flooding and landslips in parts of Auckland.
The following Friday was fine early for practice, but showers gathered in the afternoon making qualifying slow. Rain cleared overnight, so that only the first 2 or 3 races Saturday were affected, the track drying aided by a strong westerly wind which caused cancellation of the warbirds aerial display at lunchtime. Thankfully the final day was fine and calm, with good racing in all classes. The diminutive Kenny Smith, in his 53rd consecutive season of racing, drove in 4 classes at the Festival, and had wins in F5000 and Super Historics, and places in Formula Ford and Invited 1980’s Saloons and GTs.
The Amon Ferrari 246T won all 6 Tasman races, looking and sounding superb. Peter Boel was hit from behind on the main straight in Saturday’s race, but the Kiwis rallied round, lending parts and taking the car away for straightening and welding, their fine efforts helping Peter score two 4th places in Sunday’s Tasman races. Both he and Stephen Wilkins are still coming to grips with their Formula Fords, with best places of 8th and 20th respectively. John Wishart gained two 5th and two 6th places, and Bruce McPhail had a 4th, 7th and 8th for his weekend’s racing. Bruce was also a media star, with a half-page spread (with pictures) in the Sunday Auckland Herald about his flooded house in Brisbane.
Allan Conway had some manifold problems with his Gemini FJ in the FJ/F3/FV group, with a best of 10th from 4 finishes. Alan Don and Jim Waugh in their FVs finished all 6 races with only one last place – not bad for the two least powerful cars at the meeting. Jim had pairs of 9th, 10th and 11th, while Alan had three 8th, two 9th and a 10th. The two Vees were invited by the Festival organizers to take part in the lunchtime Amon Parade, as Chris Amon (and Bruce McLaren) were factory team drivers for Beach FV at the 1965 Nassau Speed Week “Grand Prix of Volkswagen”. Amon won, taking a prize of $10,000 – more than he would have got for winning a Formula 1 Grand Prix in Europe.
Overall, it was a great three weeks of racing, and all the cars were shipped back in one piece. The highlights for me were just to be part of the Festival and see so many of the cars again, and the close racing with the FJ and F3 cars (I was accused, jocularly, of not showing due respect to a Lotus 18 – just because I kept passing him under brakes into every corner). However the real buzz was the parade laps on one day right behind the Tasman Ferrari with Howden Ganley driving – talk about the sublime to the ridiculous!
Next January the NZFMR will celebrate BMW  Motorsport– both cars and bikes, and in January 2013 it will be celebrating Denny Hulme.  If you can get there and race, I’d strongly recommend it – how many of us can claim to international drivers? If not, it is well worth the visit as a spectator.
Special thanks also to Stephen Wilkins, whose vision and drive made it all possible.
Rob Roy Hillclimb Report

Yesterday was the historic Rob Roy Hillclimb. We had three vees entered, Mike Belcher (Venom), Grant Kelly (Stag) and Julian Fordham (Elfin). Even though
Julian had paid his entry and had the car loaded onto the trailer, the flu got the best of him and he had to miss the event. Frustrating and unfortunate for him no
doubt, hopefully he'll have a speedy recovery.  The event had good weather, approximately 50 cars from all classes and a really low key good day's competition.
 Mike won the class with a low 32 sec and Grant did a mid 34 sec. (Apologies for the lack of accuracy with the times but I lost my record of them). Anyway, both
came home with trophies, the cars went well and the interest in the cars from other competitors, current and future, was impressive. It seems we might have another
young boy ready to join the vee ranks as his dad was very keen on getting him into historic vees.  
There is no easier way to get started than hillclimbs so have a go. There are club hillclimbs at Bryant Park in Gippsland on 22/5, 19/6 & 17/7 which will all have
vees entered, modern and historic. The VHRR also has their all historic meeting there on 19/9.
If you know of someone looking for a vee there are cars available at the moment in all price ranges and all conditions. A couple of them have quite impressive histories too.
This won't last so don't waste any time as the guys in NSW and QLD seem to keep increasing their collections.
SuperSprint at Wakefield Park on Saturday 21st May 2011

On behalf of Club VW Sydney I would like to extend to you and your members an invitation to attend our 3rd Annual SuperSprint at Wakefield Park on Saturday 21st May 2011.

The event organising committee is made up of both experienced as well as enthusiastic motorsport personnel who are making every effort to run a smoothand exciting event. Clerk of Course Herb Gutmann has in excess of 15 years motorsport experience with the VWCNSW, and Secretary Chris Fraser also has 15 years experience in club motorsport including organising Huntley Hillclimb events with Wollongong Sporting Car Club for the past 8 years.

The event will be held under a CAMS event permit and follow the CAMS NSW guidelines for supersprints. The entry fee will be $170 for pre entries received on or before May 14th 2011. Entries received after this date will incur $30 late fee and be accepted subject to organisers discretion. Please accept our invitation to attend this event and could you kindly pass on the Supplementary
Regs and Entry Forms to those members who may wish to attend at your next meeting.

In closing could I also request that if any of your members who may wish to help out on the day and are CAMS qualified in the roles of flag marshals or scrutineer we would greatly appreciate any help that may be offered.


Please email all queries to Chris Fraser: clfraser@gmail.com

Alternatively call either Herb on 0414 727 551 or 02 9428 4099,
or Chris on 02 4298 6320 during business hours.
Top Gear Live 2011

                                                                      Top Gear Live 2011. March 17th – 21st. The story starts in a non vee related way.
  Top Gear BBC were holding their live shows at the Melbourne Show Grounds. A motoring festival was to be held in the grounds around the live stage arena that incorporated 120 desirable racing cars, 60 modern and 60 historic, that would compete in single car sprints around a purpose built track throughout the four days of the festival.
In December 2010 I was invited to compete in my TR2. In January
I got a phone call from Bob Morrow who was organising the historic side of things. He asked me if I could bring the Vee along for my 14 year old son Grant to drive. The request was so the VHRR could promote our category and also to highlight the youth in motor sport aspect. So the pressure was on! Grant had only driven our MX5 in khanacross events but never on a race track in a racing car and the car was only 90% complete and we had never driven it. We had had the car running, but we were
yet to touch the body. It is amazing how long that extra 10% of work takes to finish a project. Julian Fordham (Elfin 500) and Andrew Lord (Stag) were also keen to come.
Andrew needed a few minor things done to his car and Julian had his car totally disassembled so I wasn’t the only one with some work to do. Sanding, painting, new
wheels and tyres, mirrors etc etc. The list went on. I had run the car in the garage for 20 minutes to bed in the cam, so the next drive was up the drive way and onto the trailer. At this point I
packed even more tools than normal because I was convinced that much of the next 4 days would be spent working on the vee.

The vees were housed in one building with
about 50 other historic cars. The accompanying cars were very impressive, Bugatti, Matich, Talbot Lago were just some of the names. Andrew and Julian got their cars going and the three vees parked together attracted a lot of attention.  The other competitors all had a story to tell about a previous ‘vee’ experience and with over 50,000 spectators through the gates over the four days, the cars got plenty of exposure. The encouraging words from the other VHRR members about the cars, was great. I had my work cut out for me. My TR2 was housed in another building at the far end of the track so much of my day was spent walking to and fro until I finally decided it was more important to help Grant with the vee than drive the TR (I was running at Phillip Island the following weekend). The track was about 1.5 kms long but very tight. Grant had instructions to drive sensibly and run the engine in. To his credit,
this is just what he did do. His first run was a 1.36 sec but by the end of the weekend he was down to 1.20.23. Andrew was only able to compete on the Friday and Monday as he had an interstate appointment to keep on Saturday and Sunday, yet he still managed a 1.23.8 which was pretty good considering the amounts of practice he missed. Julian had a great weekend. The car’s mixture still wasn’t quite right but he took out the fastest vee time with a 1.19.50. To put the times into perspective, the fastest time of the event was by a Mitsubishi Evo 10 with a professional driver, at 55 seconds.

So how did the car go? It didn’t leak oil, the brakes were fine, the engine pulled cleanly and sounded crisp, all in all we didn’t have to touch it. Amazing! The TR2, yes it went quicker but I did have to work on it. What’s the Stag like to drive? I have no idea because I can’t get Grant of it! Andrew and Julian are both hoping to get their licences in late April which is good news. The next outing is at the VHRR hill climb at Rob Roy where hopefully the others vees will be competing too. Will I get a drive of the car there? Well it seems that Grant is trying to tell me that adjusting the harness is too difficult between runs. Yeah, sure!! Top Gear Live was a great event for the historic vee movement in Victoria and at the following weekend at Phillip Island I still had people coming and talking about the vees to me. Vee’s at Phillip Island in 2012 has been suggested to me by VHRR organising committee members and number of times. What about it??

Geoff Kelly

Get Some Extra Weekend Track Time
Last Sunday Greg Stott and I did the second round of the NSW CAMS Supersprint Championship at Eastern Creek.
Greg was driving his beautiful Mako Mark1 and I was getting seat time in my 1600 Polar.
In a Supersprint you go off in six or seven pairs to do one warm up, three flying (timed) laps and one cool down.
There is no racing, though you can overtake in a straight line.  Your place in the group is dictated by previous lap times.
For most participants their objective was a best time when the track was fastest  (often coolish air, warmish track) -  a "bankable lap".
For Greg and I it was the chance to do qualifying laps all day  - we both posted personal bests during the day.
Coping with the changing conditions meant, for us, even better value for money.
On the day we had cool, warm, almost hot, overcast, light mist, showers, and finally a declared wet track and a good hard fall of rain.
You can see our times reflected these changes -


Greg was running under 925 and I was 38  (our numbers clash with regular supersprinters)
We managed 5 runs of three timed laps each for a cost of $200 for the day.
If you can't manage to take time off during the week for private practice at Eastern Creek or Speed off the Streets days at Wakefield then a weekend Supersprint might just fit the bill.
Check out the website www.supersprints.com.au/ for details.   Only registrants ($50 for the year) are eligible for the end of year trophies and get priority when entering the events.
The next rounds are at Wakefield on the 8th May and then Eastern Creek on the 22nd of May.
Leigh Hemmings

Tasman Race report Greg Stott diary notes

Set up. A bit of drama as to where and when we can set up. ½ dozen of us to put up marquees.
Very hot.  Set up on south eastern corner of skid pan. Thanks to VW Australia for marquee donation to HFVAA
Vee area looks great – ready for record entry of 24 Vees.


Practice – fabulous to see David Cutts join us with his restored show piece Spectre.

Very hot
Chris Reeks unloaded car and then badly injured his knee – taken away in medical car, spent night in hospital – his weekend over before it started.
An unhappy Phil Lewis put his car on trailer – replaced gearbox overnight
Tent city for vees was nearly full  - great sight.

Keep up with DC – he will be my benchmark all weekend.
DC first with 1:59:77, Stott 2nd 2:00:59 so close but too far – gotta crack 2 mins.
3rd Bando – a big improver, 4th Hemmings – the fox

Phil's weekend continues to go downhill – engine overheating – back on trailer to change to spare engine.
Great atmosphere in pits- all the guys getting on well, helping each other – talking to spectators.
Huge potential to promote our category at this meeting. Good vibes happening.

Race 1
Reduced to 4 laps after incident on turn 2 first lap.

Mike Collins car returned to pits on crane – Jeff Genge came past in an ambulance and his car came back on a flat top – Paul English returned under his own power but decided not to restart until he checked for any damage.

A Formula Junior was also involved however no one hurt. Mikes car finished for the weekend.


Race restarted – Cutts 1st ,Stott 2nd , Sebesfi 3rd  - only 15 vees in this race

Saturday – more drama
Race 2
After a crash at the end of the straight , Tony Dorrell in a '65 Monaco hitting the concrete wall, ended the race after 2 laps. Race declared – Cutts a clear winner, Stott 2nd, The Bandit 3rd. Nick S. sets new PB, everybody appears to be driving PB's.
How fast is Mike Russell going in the Concept?

Paul English still working on his front end. Mikes car going home. Genge's Stag being worked on by Mt Panorama TAFE. More bad news from the Lewis pit – gearbox gone.

All hands on deck to help Phil – Bando supplies spare box - hands, tools, help from everywhere – this is what our group is all about.

Race 3
Mt Panorama TAFE doing fantastic job on Stag however fail to meet grid by only 10 mins.
Sooooo hot!
Lewis car still on stands – guys working furiously. Paul English back for this race.
Possibly best race of weekend for Vees. Cutts pulls away from pack, Stott swamped by  Bando, Mike Russell, Nick S, Haehnle and Cutcher off the line.
The train of vees followed each other for 4 laps swapping positions, slip streaming, 3 wide on turn 1. Finally the train breaks into 2 groups after Nick S spins on turn 4 – caved to the pressure. Cutts first vee home and 3rd outright after  brain explosion from Group M cars, Stott 2nd, Bandit 3rd, Russell 4th and getting faster with each race.
Plenty of interest in our Group from spectators – all drivers and pit crew talking to people about Vees. This is a great day for us. Phils car is finished in afternoon – should be close to a full grid for Sunday feature race – can't wait.

Race 4 – Feature Race – stand alone history making race for Group Vee
Rain Rain Rain and more rain – unbelievable after so much heat.
Day spent preparing cars and talking to more spectators – although wet spirits are sky high.
20 out of 24 who started on Friday will compete in Feature race – a big effort from all who displayed good driving skills and from the pit crews in keeping cars running through very trying conditions at times.
The feeling throughout this meeting among the Vee fraternity has been a pleasure to experience.
Great to have the Cutts family with us.

How good is this! Historic race – share the front row with the Great Man of formula vee – Just want to podium – struggled with CAMS for 3 years and waited 2 years for this event.
Over and over in my mind race plan for wet conditions – stay relaxed – avoid oily race line where possible, soften shocks, raise tyre pressure, gentle braking, stay in 4th gear at all times if possible, keep DC in sights, follow his lines.
Flag falls – dont't go any where – cars and spray all around – hope I don’t get hit from behind – raise hand, car finally starts to gain some power, on 3 cylinders – keep going as rain is big leveller – I can compensate for loss of power with good lines and stick with race plan. From 2nd to 20th before first corner.
Drive my way to 7th position before car expires on turn 8.

Have to wait another 2 years before I get another chance.

David Cutts completes an impeccable race meeting with Pole and 4 race wins. Leigh Hemmings – cagey old fox, finishes on podium in 2nd with Mike Russell in 3rd. Mike was only too happy to tell anyone within earshot how quick the Concept was in the wet and he proved it – well done.
A fabulous weekend of motor racing. If you missed it DO NOT MISS the next one.
Thanks to HSRCA, HFVAA, competitors, pit crews, family and friends for a wonderful experience.
Thanks to the Queensland guys for making the journey – hope to catch up again soon in Queensland.
Thanks to VW Australia for their kind donation of the marquee. Best wishes to Chris Reeks on a swift recovery.
Bring on 2011   
WAKEFIELD PARK HSRCA  18,19th September 2010
A very encouraging 12 entries at this meeting.

A warm welcome to the Historic Vee team for Michael Collins (1965 HV), Tony Paynter (1971 Stag) and Ashley Caldecott ( 1984 Avanti)

The weather for the weekend was fine,no rain, cold and good conditions for racing.

The unfortunate Steve Batty was a quality of qualifying with his car expiring for the weekend with engine problems. Back to Phil's workshop to be repaired for the Tasman

Formula Vee was mixed with M&O Sports and Racing for the weekend.
The top 5 Vees in order were pole Stott then Hemmings, Alexander, Lewis and Collins.

Race 1 was won by Stott after being swamped by Alexander, Cutcher and Collins at the start.
Caldecott and Genge failed to finish. Engines plagued Jeff for the weekend.

Race 2 was won by Mark Alexander. This was a very popular win as Mark fought hard from the start to gain the lead and hold it for the entire race. Second place went to Stott followed by Hemmings, Lewis and Paul English slotting in to 5th spot. Tony Paynter collected a DNF.

Race 3 Sunday morning. A full contingent of Vees with the exception of our President. This race produced our third winner of the weekend. Phil Lewis held of Stott to win by a wheel in a very tense, exciting race. “Mr Consistent “ Mark Alexander was 3rd followed by Hemmings and Collins to round out the top 5. Jeff Genge was again a non finisher.

Race 4 was red flagged after 4 Vees collided at turn 2. Phil Lewis appeared to lose control going in too hot which started a chain of collisions in which 3 cars weekend came to an end with major surgery required before the Tasman. The problem turned out to be a snapped rose joint in the trailing arm.

The race was rerun as the last race of the meeting. In a much reduced field Stott won from Alexander, Cutcher and Paynter.

Another weekend of  “TOTAL enjoyment” racing was over. The weekend produced 3 winners in 4 races. This is a true indication of how close the Historic competition is and how competitive the drivers are without being kamakaze.

Some cars need a little TLC before the Tasman however I am sure they will make it.

Thanks to Leigh Hemmings for organising the Vee brigade in car ports.

CAN'T wait for the Tasman. 23 cars entered so far. Can we achieve 25 for this momentus meeting?
Will David Cutts be there with his magnificently restored Spectre? - I hope so.

                                                                               The Tasman Revival

A note to all Tasman Revival entrants

We have been advised that we will have an eligibility scrutineering on our cars at the Tasman revival. This involves a CAMS official (i.e. eligibility officer or scrutineer) who will inspect your car to make sure it conforms with the Historic Formula Vee rules and is correct to your C of D. It is imperative your C of D and paper work be available to present to them on request. 
It usually only takes a couple of minutes and is standard procedure.

                                             URGENT  WHEEL and TYRE ALERT

We are now required to run on rims with a safety bead. This has come about after some comments made by various tyre fitters to members regarding the suitability of the control tyres being fitted to the old VW rims. These rims in 4” and some 4.5”, are not safety rims and as such Dunlop have given a directive to not run these tyres on non safety rims. They require us to run on JJ or safety rims. A problem that has arisen, is that some rims marked with a single J actually are JJ rims. So check you rims carefully and if you are not sure take them to a tyre fitter for their opinion.

We can at this point in time run the existing rims for 6 weeks or so, as it is not possible to get the appropriate rims due to overseas supply issues.
As an association we are looking to order in bulk, rims from overseas at a favourable price. These will be 4.5” rims which is the narrowest rim we can run, with the Dunlop tyre on the back. 4” rims aren’t made in JJ spec. If you wish to order some rims please urgently reply to steve@expost.biz by midday on Monday stating whether you would like chrome or silver rims and of course how many.

We have been running the old rims for the last 5 years in historic racing without any major incident, although some of us have experienced pressure loss on the track.

As stated before, you can run the old rims for the next 6 weeks but you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK.

You must order rims, if you need them, by Monday midday latest these will arrive by mid October. The next shipment will not get here until just after Christmas.
                                               AASA Meeting at Wakefield Park Raceway                                   
                             Astor Hotel Spring Carnival - Wakefield 15th October + practice on the 14th

This is a good meeting to attend to get some track time and develop your car. It is not held under historic rules, just 1200 Vees but that doesn't stop you having fun and getting that last little bit out of your car.                           
Entry forms can be downloaded from http://wakefield.savvyit.com.au
                                          Private Practice Day at Eastern Creek

                Just a reminder that there's another Private Practice Day at Eastern Creek on Friday 22nd of October.
                       Great chance to give your Vee a run and to hone your skills before the next race meeting.
                         Leigh Hemming and Daniel Bando will be out with both cars so join them for the day.
                                           Only $95 for members of ARDC - $120 if not.   See you there.
                                                              HSRCA Wakefield Park  September Meeting

Well the NSW  guys have just had a good weekend at Wakefield Park Raceway with 12 cars entered and 11 competeing  (well the Presidents Elfin did 5 laps of practice and decided that it would have a rest for the weekend ). Anyway we will have a race report or two soon hopefully and they will be up on the website. We got lots of interest and another new member. Some of the other competitors were coming over and paying lots of compliments. So it seems we are now being appreciated for our close racing and jovial demeanor.
One very happy guy, well he was with us, is 
Shaun Anderson. Shaun arrived with his beetle to do regularity and I think it was his first time as he needed some extra bits to make the officials happy. He was duly fixed up and below is a big thank you from Shaun for the help he received.
I personally think it was because the guys saw the Beetle as a source of spare parts and were hoping he would leave the car alone for a while.

Hi Steve,

I was down at Wakefield Park on the weekend in my VW sedan, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the historic vee guys who were all really friendly and helpful. In particular I’d like to thank Leigh for loaning me his race gloves all weekend, and secondly to Greg Stott for giving me his old Vee tyres.

If you could please put this on the website somewhere thanking the whole gang I would really appreciate it, also thank them for not stealing parts off my bug!!


Shaun Anderson

Team NSW represented both NSW and the HFVAA at Winton over the Festival of Speed weekend.
The 3 drivers, Leigh Hemmings, Daniel Bando and Greg Stott, were warmly welcomed by the Victorians.
Grouped with M&O Racing the NSW team were the only Vees in the field  while Victoria was represented by Andrew Lord in Division 1 Regularity driving his Stag.
Practice on Friday was a steep learning curve for the 3 drivers. With no prior experience at Winton the drivers struggled to come to terms with this very demanding track.
By the end of practice the 3 drivers were reasonably pleased with their efforts of the day however the track was still not conquered.

Saturday qualifying was going to be the test.
Who spent most of practice in the mud?                                                                             The three boys from NSW proir to mud larks!

Daniel was a bundle of nerves as he prepared for qualifying. This was Daniels first racing experience in a Formula Vee.
Narrowly beaten by JOHN BOWE in a BRABHAM the NSW boys slotted into positions 11, 12 and 14 in qualifying.
Hemmings edged out Stott to be the quickest Vee with Daniel behind Stott for race 1.
Daniel was again a bundle of nerves as he readied himself for his innaugural Formula Vee race.
(Was their more than racing on Daniels mind – perhaps a cunning  race tactic?)
As the lights were extinguished for the start of the race Hemmings missed a gear, finding 4th instead of 2nd. Stott and Bando easily passed Hemmings and held these positions respectively for almost the complete lap.
On the last corner Stott became only too aware of the PIT PLOT (and the cause of Daniels nerves) to remove him from the race.
                                                            Greg's beam is still straight at this point.                                                                              Leigh with his  damaged nose.

Daniel 'The Bandit' Bando ever so subtly turned Stott's Mako around exposing the car to Leigh ' The Hammer' Hemmings.
The Hammer completed the plan ending Stotts weekend with an unrepairable H beam.
The Bandit went on to complete the race for his maiden victory in the Vee category.
The Hammer went on to complete the race but was rightly disqualified from the results.
Conditions for Sundays racing were average at best.
The track was wet but not raining for race 1.
JOHN BOWE again proved too fast for the Vees narowly squeezing Leigh back to 7th outright by
 1 ¾ laps while Daniel was 2nd to Leigh by the narrowest of margins.
The last race was in heavy rain. A small grid of only 4 cars lined up to start the race.
JOHN BOWE chose to protect his reputation from the onslaught of the Vees and was a non starter in this race.
Once again The Hammer proved too fast for The Bandit.
Seriously, this was an excellent weekend of motorsport.
A great time was had by Team NSW. They were supported by John Bando as caterer, pit crew and gopher. Thanks John.
We were made to feel very welcome by the Victorian officials.
The commentary gave plenty of mention to Formula Vee as well as encouragement to others to get their cars out of the garage and on to the track.
Team NSW are already planning their next meeting at Winton.
Every one is welcome to join us.

This years racing calendar for Historic Vee's is rapidly rolling on towards the Tasman Revival in November.
Entries are now out for this, the most important race meeting for Vee's since our beginning.
This is our best opportunity to show Historic Formula Vee has arrived and Historic Vee has a genuine place in historic racing in Australia.
At present there are over 12 entries, however this is not enough. The HFVAA need, and expect, over 25 entries for this meeting and would dearly love to have the  numbers sooner rather than later.
Please enter NOW and register your interest in competing at the most important race meeting in our short history.
Be a part of it – don't be one of those people who will say “ I wished I was there”

                                                                                VALE Aub Revell
It is with much sadness to announce the passing of Aub Revell our club Patron. Aub Died in Ryde Hospital on Saturday morning aged 91 years. Aub was one of the founding fathers of Formula Vee in Australia and was the first FVANSW President.

The family have requested a private cremation , so there will be a Memorial service to honor the life and times of Aub Revell:

Eastern Creek Raceway - Jack Hinxman Room (function room on top of the pit building) at 10AM Tuesday June 29.
Reminder - Membership for 2010
Thanks to those who renewed already this year we will be sending membership cards out this week.  For those looking for the membership form it can be found at the link here
                                                  BABY GIRL BANDO HAS A NAME

Daniel Bando and his wife Jasmine, the proud parents of BABY GIRL BANDO, were so smitten with their new arrival, it has taken them a few weeks to finally decide on a name.
And it's LAYLA.
Now, as they are soooo smitten, I have yet to have the spelling confirmed. So congratulations once again but this time for finding a name.

Now we can all hum Eric Clapton's little ditty every time we see Daniel.
                                        EASTERN CREEK  HSRCA  MEETING - 1st/2nd MAY 


It seemed like forever since the last meeting at Wakefield Park so it was a little surprising not to see more
Vees at practice on Friday.
There were 4 cars.
Leigh Hemmings was first to arrive and was joined by Ian Cutcher( who arrived without his Cams license and duly
went home again ), Greg Stott and Jeff Genge.
Our category was in the first session but ended after 2 laps for the Stott Mako.


A bolt from the pressure plate rattled its way around the bell housing and made a  mess of everything inside.

 With help from Lee and others the engine and gearbox were soon removed and in  the back of Frank Kleinig's ute
 for emergency surgery.
 It was all back together by 4.30pm in readiness for Saturday qualifying.


Once again it was a mixed group of cars which makes qualifying with a quick time difficult. Of the Vee's it was
Leigh Hemmings 1st – 2:01:09 -2nd o/right,  2nd Greg Stott – 2:01:7 – 3rd o/right, 3rd Mark Alexander – 2:03:9 - 7th
 o/right, 4th Kevin Humphry – 2:04:5 - 8th o/right, 5th Ian Cutcher -2:04:6 - 9th o/right, 6th Jeff Genge – 2:08:5
 - 14th o/right, 7th Alan Brown – 2;14; 07 - 18th o/right.


Leigh Hemmings has quickly shown he is the driver to beat in Historic Vees.
This race was no exception as he skillfully manouvered his car into a very good position in front of slower
cornering cars to win by 6/10th of a second from Greg Stott. 3rd was Mark Alexander followed by Ian Cutcher,
Kevin Humphry, Jeff Genge and Alan Brown.


This was a very interesting race as it was a reverse grid/ handicap race.
It was a first for the Vee drivers.
The grid was split into 5 groups in reverse qualifying order.
The slower group 1 was started first then followed by the other groups in order at 10 second intervals.
Group 3 – Jeff Genge, Alan Brown
Group 4 – Mark Alexander, Ian Cutcher, Kevin Humphry
Group 5 – Leigh Hemmings, Greg Stott

 The race proved a great oopportunity for racing, catching and passing practice for  the Vee's.
 The race was only 6 laps but proved to be very busy and hard work.
 Leigh once again proved his winning ability while Ian Cutcher, in a spectacular  shower of dust and stones, showed
 how not to take turn 6.
 Greg Stott beat Mark Alexander into second spot by the smallest of margins  followed by Jeff Genge, Ian Cutcher,
 Kevin Humphry and Alan Brown.
 This was an excellent race enjoyed by all.


This was shortened to 5 laps due to an extensive delay following an accident in Group Na.
The race started late in the day with thhe sun in the drivers eyes on the long Eastern Creek straight.
Leigh again lead the way to the finish line leaving Stott, Alexander and Cutcher to fight it out for the minor

On turn 8, for the entertainment of the flagging Nick Sebesfi, Stott turned his car around while in 2nd place
and was swamped by Alexander and Cutcher who finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Stott 4th, Humphry next followed
by Genge and Brown.

Individual Lap Times

The biggest improver of the weekend was Alan Brown who knocked 3 seconds of his qualifying lap time to record a
PB of 2:11:02.
Drivers fastest individual lap times were Leigh 2:01:09, Greg 2:01:34, Mark 2:02:11, Ian 2:04:49, Kevin 2:04:5,
Jeff 2:07:29

NEXT HSRCA MEETING for NSW is Wakefield Park 18th-19th September 2010 * BE THERE*

Don't FORGET - 21st May 2010.

Racing at Wakefield Park for 1200cc Fromula Vees.
ASTOR INVITATION – this is a one day event with plenty of racing in Vee only races.
I understand there are between 10 and 12 entries at this stage so it is reasonable to expect good quality
Give it a go guys – a day off work- home again Friday night and for  the weekend- keeps the wife and kids happy.
Everybody wins.

                                              It can't be possible. Wakefield Park in winter?

                          It looks like Chris Reeks has just lost the lead. I told him the line was never that wide!         

                                                                     VHRC Historic Sandown

Over a very hot weekend on 6th 7th and 8th of November the Victorian Historic Racing Register held Historic Sandown. 

The meeting had a large number of competitors with the headline event being the Biante Touring Car Masters.  Sandown was particularly significant for me as it was to be my first foray into motor sport.  I had entered in the regularity event along with Reg Gardner in a Nimbus and Julian Fordham in an Elfin.  Sandown was always going to be a steep learning curve but little did I realize just how steep the learning curve would be. 

  Having attended historic racing meetings for a number of years I decided it    was time to move from spectator to  competitor.  But what to buy, the choices  are endless.  So after weighing up the options I decided a Formula Vee  was  the way to go.  A quick search of the internet a trip to an information day and  bingo courtesy of Geoff Kelly I  was the owner of a fully operating Formula Vee.   Although restored there were a few items that needed  attention.  Geoff had  recommended that I get the car checked out by an experienced Vee  mechanic, the tyres  needed to be replaced and as the last driver was a lady  get a wider seat was required.

 So with no mechanical or racing experience I entered Historic Sandown.  In  early October I arranged for the car  to be delivered to Andy Goodall to check it  over and fix any problems.  I was on holidays for the last 2 weeks of  October  so things were going to be a bit tight but I had a plan and all seemed under  control.  Or so I thought!   Andy called me on my holidays to say he had rectified  a few things and it was ready to be collected.  Due to my  usual lack of spare
 time the car could not be collected until the Thursday night before the Friday  practice. 

 I had secured the necessary second hand tyres but these could not be fitted until Friday morning.  Not a  problem, how hard can it be to get a set of tyres fitted?  Well if you call Kmart Tyre & Auto Service apparently very  hard. When I explained what I wanted there was some discussion at the other end about damaging race rims.   They said they weren’t interested.  I explained they were standard rims and got the response “Listen mate we  don’t want to do it”.  Memo to self:

 1.    Never go to Kmart;
 2.    Never miss a chance to tell that story

Fortunately Beaurepairs had a far more positive attitude and by 8.45 on Friday the new tyres were fitted and I was on my way.  All was running to plan.  Now all I had to do was fit the new wider seat at the track and off we go.  On returning from my holidays the project for the week was to make the seat wider.  Unfortunately the car was with Andy but that shouldn’t be a problem, should it?  All I had to do was cut the seat down the centre and make it 8cm wider, fiberglass it up and whack it in.  So I cut it down the centre made it wider, fiberglassed it up and on Friday morning at the track I whacked it in.  And so on Friday morning at Sandown at 9.30 I confronted my first of what was to a long list of disasters designed to test and break my will.  The seat was now too wide, it didn’t fit.  Time to reflect.  I’d missed the 9 o’clock practice but not to worry there were 2 more sessions that day.  I wandered over to register and bumped into my next door neighbor and told him of my seat problem.  He suggested that the TAFE boys could help.  He was right they were keen to help.  A plan was devised measurements taken and the seat was taken away to be cut.  While the boys were doing their stuff I was sitting on a tyre reflecting on the frantic morning’s events. 
 I was thinking maybe it would be good to have a friend along  to help maybe it would be a  good idea to get everything done  before the meeting.  All of a sudden a puff of smoke  appeared from the engine and oil was everywhere.   I now  know that apparently you don’t  leave the ignition on as it  cooks the coil.  Who would have thought!  Like I said I have  no  mechanical experience.  The TAFE boys returned with the  cut seat only to be told, we have  a bigger problem.  They  couldn’t come up with an answer to the oil everywhere so a  quick  call by the guys and Brett MacLennan came to have a  look.  Brett couldn’t work it out but  knew John Dean could.   Brett called John and fortunately he was at the track. 
 John looked at the car called Dandy Volks said he needed a xyz123 and a 667241 (or  words to that effect).  Dandy Volks had them.  Practice session 2 slipped by.  Off I went to  Dandy Volks, got the parts and returned.  John installed the parts and the car fired up.   Practice session 3 passed.  The day’s events had taken a toll.  Back at the seat rectification  team the TAFE official had decided they couldn’t cut the seat as it was a modification and  they didn’t want to be liable – fair enough.  .  It was time to go home to modify the seat.  You  know it’s just not your day when you get out the jigsaw, start cutting and the jigsaw burns  out.  Undaunted I did the rest by hand.  Twenty beers later I went to bed. 

 Saturday a new day up at 5.30 at  the gate by 7.00.  Seat fits,  ready to  go.  I do a little test to  check the  engine turns; it  doesn’t.  At this  point I  am about to give up.  I ring  John  Dean  he is at the track and  diagnoses  the problem as dodgy  battery isolation switch not a big  problem.  John  tells me to  get down  to scrutineering and get out on the  track.  At this  stage I’ve missed the  briefing.  I give up.  So while I am  sitting on my  tyre contemplating  what might have been John  walks  back and asks,  what are you  doing? I mumble some  pathetic self  pitying statement  about briefing, too  late, it’s all  over.   John says forget that  I’ll push you  down to scrutineering  so he drags me down there, the car passes,  drags me  back tells me to get my gear on and get out there.  All of a  sudden a group of people are  helping me.  On with the suit and boots, I grab my helmet some holds it while I get in the  car.  He looks at the new helmet still with the stickers on the visor and says you really are a  first timer; someone else is sorting out the seat belts and says I’m glad I’m not your  mother.  My newly formed crew start pushing the Vee I drop the car into what I think is  second and I’m off.  All I kept thinking was don’t stall the car, don’t stall the car, don’t stall  the car, - F*#@% F*#@% F*#@% I’ve stalled the car.  By this time the cars are on the track.  John not surprisingly anticipated a stalled car and there he is pushing me again.  Into second and off we go onto the track at last. 

 My time first time driving the car, my first time on a track and  my first lap  time for the  weekend 2 minutes 28 seconds.  My  last time on Sunday  afternoon 2 minutes and one  second.

 There are lots of other stories of highs, lows and assistance  from  strangers.  In  conclusion without the support and  encouragement of  John Dean, Brett MacLennan, TAFE  and  the guys around me it wouldn’t  have happened.  An  exhausting, exhilarating and  thoroughly enjoyable  weekend.   I’ll be back with my Vee.  But this time with no little jobs to  do at the meeting.

HFVAA General Meetings

We are in the process of confirming dates for our General meetings. 
The  dates below are confirmed but more will be added in the future.
These meetings are important for members to convey their ideas and generally have a say in what goes on in their club.
This year we have the Tasman Revival and it is the Formula Vee 45th anniversary which we will be celebrating at the Tasman Revival.  Therefore it is important for all the members to put forward their ideas for the HFVAA celebrations and to get their cars on the track.

HFVAA  General Meetings are held at The Hills Club
which is situated at 2 Jenner St ,Baulkham Hills
NSW 2153

(02) 9639 2733

Meeting Dates
4th  August 7.30pm
Driver Profiles

The HFVAA is updating the web site  and the "Drivers" section has been left vacant too long and we would now like to rectify it.

Could all drivers and members please contact Steve Batty on steve@expost.biz or Greg Stott on gregstott@live.com.au to receive a profile form.
We have profiles from the last Tasman meeting of all competitors at the meeting, so if you have no objection the HFVAA would like to use this as your profile.
Contact us if you have a problem.
For drivers who have not driven at the Tasman Revival, when sending in your profile could you also attach a photo of your car. It would be good to have profiles from all states and race reports 
The Ringwood Park Hill Climb a round of the NSW Formula Vee State Championship.

Saturday 27th February 2010, dawned just like any other - with not a hint of what was lurking in the bowels of Chilli - a catastrophe that would devastate some parts of that country, but would strike real curiosity into the Latte swigging Sydney Sunday Beach Set!!!! A tsunami of such proportions that it would have everyone descending on to the very shores that stood in danger of being obliterated!!!!!! But as we all know now 'twas a fizzer - so much for scientific predictions of doom and gloom !!

At Ringwood Park however there was no such fear being shown, well at least not until after the obligatory drivers briefing where everyone stood around and chatted amongst themselves whilst the CC tried in vain to impart some really important stuff - like the start procedure and the very important things like if you clobber a witches hat you will incur a penalty of a number of seconds for each hat you collect, and that there was the potential to accumulate the entire number of said seconds of your run right at the finish line, where there are about 7 of them, just waiting to grab your right front wheel and haul you in!!!!!! Also if you make a mistake don't try to make it up on that run just cruise back to the start and have another go - each driver had three runs in a row, which is really good 'cause if you blink at the start of your first run you've missed it 'cos it's all over, so the second one you know where the track goes - and where that huge gum tree is - and your tyres are nearly warm - run three and you have your eyes on and looking for those witches hats!!!!

The players:
9 x 1600s.
4 x 1200s. One was double entered.
3 x Historic F/Vee. One was double entered.

The plan:
To get up and back down the hill in the fastest time, without cutting corners parking it in the infield, farming, or just generally spinning to avoid the witches hats!!!! So, to the start all cars are lined up on the dummy grid and one player comes up to me and asks what's the procedure!!!!! I won't embarrass the gentle man 'cause he's a mate of mine, 'cept I will say that his car is very nice!!! Being a true mate I told him where to go - no, truly I did and it must have worked 'cause he didn't come and ask me any more questions.

But like all good plans this was about to become unravelled. Then again we were dealing with race car drivers!!! As the cars were lining up on the dummy grid a few well meaning and seasoned hill climb veterans (myself included) took it upon ourselves to tell each driver about the start procedure, but the red mist had already descended and they couldn't here anything except the theme song from Rocky (all episodes) and so it was, all but three got it right and two of those were in an Historic F/V.

All the while the CC was saying that the red light will come on and then the orange light will come on and then the green light will come on you may start in your own time!!!! everyone was having a social chat - just like at any race meeting DB, so they missed it all and so what happened when the red light went out ??????? A boot full of revs dump the clutch and let's haul arse!!!! OOPS - miss time, second run and the starter - who by the way is standing right beside your right front wheel with the timing stick says to you WAIT FOR THE G. R. E. E. N. (he had to spell it) meanwhile we are telling those who are waiting the same thing but Rocky was too loud.

The first few runs saw nearly everyone finding the limits of adhesion on cold tyres and then there were some who thought that the grass was a little too long in places and we saw the launch of the grass cutting capabilities of the Stingers and Jacers, whilst our very own KH (only the name has been changed to protect him from embarrassment) decided that there were far too many witches hats near the finish line and in fact the finish line should really be twenty or thirty metres further away from the actual alignment spectacular cross country/off road capabilities of the Nimbus but despite this new alignment the event stayed on the black stuff.

Dylan Thomas (Stinger 1600) was the first to show how not to come back down the hill and what happens when you drop a wheel into the dirt and on the first rotation you notice the gum tree and on the second and not quite third rotations what the view from the infield is like. But it was Jayson Williamson in his Jacer 1600 that collected the big money with a huge effort closing in on the finish line (the corner is really tight) the afore mentioned car eating witches hats reached out and got him. Several other drivers were in the hunt for spin of the day but I think the award must go to Dylan.

The 1200s were a little better behaved with Sue Cannon, although showing a small amount of anxiety at the beginning soon showed that she could tame this hill -until ...... she had double entered her car with Daniel Pauperis and well, being as kind as I can they are not exactly of the same proportions and it was near the lunch break when it ended for them, the sump extension was ripped off as Daniel was driving onto the dummy grid thus ending both of their chances for improvement. Barrie offered Sue his car - which he had just purchased from down Mexico way and was coming to grips with it, but Sue found it difficult to select first gear and became a spectator hoping that Barrie wouldn't become too good and overhaul her best time!! He didn't.

The Historics and Kevin was seen feeding Colin Simpson (who was double entered in the car) more than a few sausage sangers at lunch time probably if he could have got just one more into him Colin wouldn't have gotten as close as he did!! Greg Stott wasn't too shabby either and had the day gone on a little more I think he would have finished a little closer to Kevin and Colin. The Historic cars did not disgrace themselves in such Level 1 company, indeed word around the pits was let's have another one and invite the Historic F/V cars - food for thought.

The time sheets show that:
1st outright and 1st in class1600:     Dylan Thomas (Stinger) with a 31.73
10th outright and 1st in class 1200:  Sue Cannon (Elfin) with a 34.32
11th outright and 1st in class HF/V:   Kevin Humphrey (Nimbus) with a 34.35
12th outright and 2nd in class HF/V:  Colin Simpson   (Nimbus) with a 34.37
14th outright and 3rd in class HF/V:   Greg Stott            (Mako Mk1) with a 34.84

A great day plenty of runs for all and apart from Sue's car having the sump ripped off there were no incidents.
If and when the NSW Formula Vee blokes have another one expect an invitation.


The HFVAA was represented by 3 drivers at the innaugural FVANSW hillclimb at Ringwood which  was round 1 of their Club Championship.
This event was trialled by FVANSW as a replacement round of their championship due to the closuer of Oran Park. 
16 drivers in total entered the hillclimb event with the outright winner being Dylan Thomas with a time of 31.73 seconds.
Kevin Humphrey showed there is nothing like prior experience and he claimed the honours with a time of 34.35 seconds.

Colin Simpson, also driving Kevin's car, was second missing out on the top spot by 2/100ths of a second with 34.37.
Greg Stott was 3rd with 34.84 seconds.
This was an opportunity lost for the Historic fraternity with only 2 cars entered.

With the Tasman series being the highlight of our racing calendar this year the Historic Vee's should sieze every opportunity to test and improve their skills behind the wheel as well as learn as much as they can about their cars handling.
The next round of the HSRCA in NSW is at Eastern Creek in May.
It would be fabulous if we could enter a record number of cars at this event and show the HSRCA we are ready and capable of having our own race at the Tasman.

Greg Stott

Race Report – Wakefield Park 19 – 21 Feb. 2010

Friday practice is always more civilised than race days. Sleep in, a leisurely breakfast and then a pleasant drive, this time to Goulburn. We arrived at the track just after 10am and, after setting up, we enjoyed a Wakefield Cafe cappuccino.
Heavy cloud cover kept the temperatures down, although it was hot when the sun broke through, and a cooling breeze meant it was a good day for knitting or, as someone was overheard saying, perfect driving weather.
Practice session 1 was our first chance to see the snazzy red Elfin of Leigh Hemmings go through the paces. He & Greg were the only Vee’s out there. The other cars out were from a different category with much larger engine capacities. These sessions are always a good way
to experiment with tyre pressures & set up before the pressure of racing. But it seems that if anything is going to go wrong it always waits until qualifying or Race 1 & preferably happens on the start line.
Greg was the only Vee out in session 2 with only 2 others on the track. Midday saw Paul English arrive & set up but he didn’t stay for session 3. Greg almost had the track to himself with only one other car out there. The wind was breaking the clouds up by now. Edward Gavin had arrived & was fitting new mirrors.
Practice session 4 went out at 2:30pm with Leigh joining Greg and three others, the track closed at 4pm so we headed off to our accommodation but, not before drinks at the Old Goulburn Brewery.
Friday night was cold so at 8am on Saturday the track felt quite autumnal & crisp under a clear blue sky with no wind. Drivers briefing was at 8:15am and we had a full contingent of 6 drivers in the Vees.
Qualifying was at 10am and there were 20 cars on the track. Leigh in 185 sensibly got out there first & was able to get good clear track time. Greg, Nick, Paul, Edward & Allan found it difficult to get a clean lap in, getting bogged down behind the clumsier cornering cars. Leigh
showed that it pays to be out in front and red cars are always faster – posting a qualifying time of 1:16:8, earning him 6th place on the Grid. Greg was in 7th with a time of 1:17, Nick was in 12th with a time of 1:18:8, Paul was in 13th with a time of 1:19:7, Edward in 14th with 1:20:2 & Allan was in 17th with 1:24:7.
Our first race was straight after the lunch break & the day was becoming hotter. There was plenty of time to polish cars & rehydrate before kitting up & getting to the marshalling grid.
I like to stand near corner two where the cars climb up the hill. As the flag dropped, the chirping of the crickets was drowned out by the swarm on the track. The Vees were _______ off the short but sorted themselves into a gap behind the first 9 cars. Two extra cars had been added to the end of the grid from the Na Category, a 57 Simca & a 56 MG Magrette.
Leigh held first place for most of the race. Greg edged in front when they were baulked by slower cars & again when he dived under Leigh at the end of the straight.
Paul had a moment on the last lap & pulled back onto the track behind the race winner, under yellows. Should he have completed his last lap or followed the winner into the pits?
Decision pending.
The breeze was picking up & the clouds were rolling in as we waited or Race 2, which had been reduced to 8 laps because some cars were being lapped ... twice (??) It was somewhat cooler with the cloud cover and déjà vu as they gridded up. Car #24 in 4th was missing from
the grid so everyone moved up into the gap. The flag dropped and car #88 (in 3rd) stalled and after the pack had passed, #1 was towed to the infield. Car #31, in 2nd, spun in the fish‐hook in lap 2 but managed to keep going without upsetting anyone else. Leigh managed to keep the leaders in sight but had another car between him & the other Vees. Paul & Edward were dicing for position & staying very close to the corners
up the climb. Nick seemed to have a problem, waving the other cars through. Apparently nothing serious, a throttle cable problem. The verdict was – a very frustrating race.

Sunday mornings in Goulburn are very quiet (most petrol stations don’t open until 8am).
Another perfect driving day under clear blue skies, and a gentle breeze was an influx of new flaggies – Steve & Phil who took up positions on turns 2 & 10. There was a change to the racing schedule so that Race 3 would only have category M, O & Vees. This put all the Vees
together behind the faster cars.
By 10 O’clock the wind was picking up, blowing hats off. At 10:25am we were set for Race 3. 10 cars on the track – 12, 88, 31, 13, 185 (Leigh), 25 (Greg), 66 (Nick), 9 (Paul), 8 (Edward), and 164 (Allan) and car #24 starting from pit lane. It was a great start with all the Vees together and car #24, a 1968 Gryphon, trying to work his way through. By the end of lap 1 he had passed 3 Vees. There was some great dicing between Leigh & Greg with Nick in 3rd place. Edward & Paul were battling behind them. #88 pulled in & Allan in #164 pulled in, just before the last lap board came out, with a motor problem. It was a nail biting finished with Greg right up on Leigh’s tail. Would he pull out from the tow or not?? ... Not!
Race 4 was 1st up after lunch and everyone was back in together. With cars fuelled and drivers fuelled they were raring to go. The race was bought forward to 1:10pm on the grid and some of us were a bit rushed & I wasn’t in my favourite spot for the drop of the flag.
There were 18 cars on the track & this time #24 was allowed to start on the track but at the rear of the grid. After the first lap, #24 was half way through the pack, Leigh & Greg were keeping together in open space with #24 coming up behind them & Nick just behind him. #24 manages to pass them on the straight & pulls away. Nick can’t catch him but manages to close the gap through the top of the track. Paul has a tin top right on his hammer & it pulls in front coming onto the straight. Greg pushes too hard on turn 2 & drops a wheel in the dirt. #24 manages to catch the top of the field by lap 4. Leigh & Greg were nose to tail in a very dangerous fashion, Greg in the lead coming onto the straight. But, his joy was short lived as Leigh got his nose in front to take the chequered flag. #24 finished in 3rd place overall – a huge effort for Team Shustring!!
It was still hot & sunny and the wind was starting to blow the clouds in at 10 past 3 for Race 5. We had 11 cars on the track. #12, #31, #13, Leigh, Greg, #89, #77 Nick, Paul ,#124 & #24. Car #12 stalled on the start & #77 managed to pass all the Vees. On lap 2 Greg took Nick on
the outside of turn 2, as a big gap opened behind #77, meaning the Vees got to race cleanly on their own. Nick stuck his nose in on Leigh for a try at second. Leigh was back in front by turn 2 and #24 was back into 3rd place on the last lap. Finishing 12, 31, 24, 13, 89, 77, Leigh,
Nick, Greg and Paul. All in all it was a great weekend of racing, others in the stand agreed – “that was an exciting race!!”

HSRCA MEETING 19th - 20th September 2009


Through the eyes of a very appreciative driver.

The weekend started 4 weeks earlier with a trip from the Central Coast to Cooma to pick the car for the race meeting.
Chris Reeks had generously made his car available for the meeting and this driver was fortunate to be offered the Elfin Malmark to race.
The rules were simple – break it – fix it, destroy it – own it. The rules were well understood by both parties. Fortunately neither happened.
After collecting the car we took advantage of the HFVAA scrutineering day as an audit was due on the Elfin. Thanks to Phil Lewis and Noel Gibson.
Back to the Central Coast with the car to give it a 'once over'.
After a few minor adjustments to suit a new driver and a bit of a 'tweek here and there' the car was race ready for Wakefield.
I can't wait.
Many thanks to Bob the Builder, my Minister for Transport, who arrived at the track at 6am Thursday to secure an area for the Vee contingent.

Friday practice saw the much anticipated Phil Lewis restored Renmax Mk II make it's appearance for the first time,Mark Alexander in his Granger and Greg Stott in the Reeks owned Elfin Malmark.
As expected the Renmax rolled of the trailer an absolute showpiece. It is a credit to Phil.
Fridays practice was well used to sort out a few bugs with Phil and Greg getting to know their cars for the first time.
There was no real indication as to how fast the cars were in practice as no one had a stopwatch and there was no timing available, however, visually there did not appear to be much between the 3 cars..
Saturday morning saw the arrival of the rest of the Vee contingent with Paul English, who delivered his Moxon to the cicuit on Friday and the went home again, our President Steve Batty with the Nick Sebesfi Nota ( thanks Nick), Jeff Genge with his white Stag and Ian Cutcher and his very distinctive blue Renmax.
Qualifying saw all 7 Vees take to the track with a couple of other categories which contained some brutes of cars- a little intimidating for the uninitiated.

The Stott Elfin pitted after 1 lap with an electrical problem.
The 1 man pit crew could not find the problem so sent driver and car back out to at least get a qualifying time.
After 4 laps the car sorted itself out and eventually put in a time which was good enough to be the fastest of the Vees.
With less than 1 second seperating the first 4 cars the qualifying order was Stott,Alexander, Cutcher, Lewis, Genge, English and Batty.
As there was no progressive grid these  would be the starting positions for all races over the weekend.

Race 1 turned out to be a great tussle between  Lewis, Alexander and Cutcher after Stott's Elfin failed to make the starting grid having to pull into pit lane on the warm up lap with the return of the electical problem. Paul English was also a non finisher in race 1.

Ian Cutcher was the first winner of the weekend with the Lewis showpiece ½ second behind then followed by Alexander, Batty and Genge.

Phil's car finished the race with the rear covered in oil from an axle seal problem. This was to prove a problem all weekend for Phil. Ian Cutcher was to suffer the same problem.

Phil's constant tweeking paid dividends in race 2.

First across the line of the Vees, the Renmax MkII finished 1.5 seconds ahead of Cutcher in his Renmax. Third went to Stott then Alexander, Batty and Genge.
Paul English was having an unhappy meeting with another DNF.

Race 3 produced the 3rd winner of the weekend with the Stott/Reeks Elfin getting the chequered flag by just 1/3 second ahead of Alexander with Cutcher just 1/3 second further behind.
Oil soaked Lewis was 4th then Genge, English (well done – great to finish) and Batty.
This race also produced a new lap record 1:16:78 by the Reeks Elfin for Vees on lap 5 beating both Va and Vb previous best times.

Race 4 was an unexpected first for the HFVAA in NSW.
It was the first stand alone race for Vees in NSW.
The first Historic Vee race in Australia was held in Queensland at Morgan Park Raceway in 2007.
Not to let an opportunity pass the drivers made sure it was a show of skills and close racing to demonstrate to the HSRCA what Vees are capable of.

The race was full of passing manouvres - under brakes, slip streaming and nose to tail dicing for the first 6 of 10 laps.
On lap 6 the cars managed to sort themselves out into what was close to their qualifying positions.
For the next 4 laps the racing intensified as they competed for the weekends bragging rights.
Stott/Reeks Elfin Malmark proved too fast in the end for a very hungry,snapping at the heels Phil Lewis.

Phil was making a real challenge for the lead on the last lap when he dropped a wheel off the circuit at the Fish Hook giving Stott the break to win by 2 seconds. This was the biggest winning margin of the weekend and shows how close the racing was WITHOUT incident.
Following the glistening Renmax over the line was the very consistant Mark Alexander, Ian Cutcher,Jeff Genge and Steve Batty while the luckless Paul English had to contend with another DNF.

This concluded a great weekend of Historic Formula Vee racing both on and off the track.

It was fantastic to be back.

Bring on Eastern Creek.

Report - November  "All Historic" Meeting
Eastern Creek Raceway

28-29 November 2009

Extreme weather conditions prevailed for the last HSRCA meeting for 2009 at Eastern Creek 28/29th December. The 40 degree plus temperatures took its toll on a number of cars throughout the weekend in what was a record number of entries for Formula Vee.  13 cars made it to the grid for qualifying after Edwin Gavin's car failed to survive the heat during practice on Friday.

Qualifying was a test of endurance for the cars as they performed in temperatures well over 40.  Grouped with M&O Racing it was a real struggle as first Kevin Humphrey's parked his car at turn 5 on lap 2, then Bill Vesty's weekend came to an end when his Mako Mk II expired. Phil Lewis followed when his Rennmax also threw the towel in as Phil's weekend went from bad to worse.  Greg Stott was fortunate to make it on the track when his car would not start. With time running out and frenzied help in the pits the car fired and he completed 3 laps to post the fastest qualifying time followed by Ian Cutcher and Mark Alexander.  Allan Riches posted a respectable 2:09 in his first ever drive of the recently purchased Eamon Mathews Spectre. Allan continued to set personal bests all weekend.

Race 1 on Saturday was again in extreme heat and again took its toll on the cars. Ian Cutcher,Nick Sebesfi and Chris Reeks failed to complete the race. These 3 drivers were able to sort out their cars for Sundays racing. Not so lucky was Phil Lewis whose weekend was a disaster. Phil ran out of engines and packed the Rennmax away to become a spectator for the rest of the weekend. Noel Gibson also packed his car on the trailer in readiness for the long journey home. Greg Stott ran away with Race 1 as he was able to put a few M&O cars between himself and the  chasing pack of Vees. Mark Alexander was next over the line followed by Kevin Humphrey.

Sunday was another battle with the heat, Race 2 was a real nail biter with the lead changing several times with 3 drivers all having a go at leading. The first 4 cars cars diced with each other as well as having to contend with slower cornering M&O cars. The M&O cars became part of the Vee equation and the race would be determined by an element of luck and positioning out of corners. In the end it was Greg Stott who got the luck and held off a steam rolling Nick Sebesfi by 1/100th sec. Followed by Ian Cutcher, Mark Alexander and Chris Reeks. It was great to see Chris Reeks back behind the wheel, Chris put in a solid and consistent performance all weekend although the heat made it very difficult for him. Reeks, Terry Freckelton and Paul English had their own race within the race. It was good to see Paul English race all weekend without mechanical issues – a long overdue change of fortunes. Jeff Genge and Allen Riches battled at the rear of the field with Jeff crossing the line ½ sec. Ahead of Allen.

Race 3 seemed like a sprint after the 9 laps in the heat Race 2.  The M&O cars again played a part in the outcome of this race. Positioning your car to take the fastest line around a corner and not follow a Formula Junior was the secret to success. Kevin Humphrey did this to perfection. He sat behind Greg Stott as Stott got bogged down by a slower car on the last lap, Kevin positioned himself beautifully to slip stream to the chequered flag in the Trophy race by 1/10th sec. Nick Sebesfi crossed in 3rd place followed by Ian Cutcher Chris Reeks, Terry Freckelton, Paul English, Allen Riches and Jeff Genge.

Following on from Wakefield in September this was another fabulous weekend of Historic racing for Formula Vee. The numbers are growing, the racing is competitive,the driver respect on the track is highly evidenced by the number of racing incidents(none) and the friendship in the pits is contagious.


Greg Stott

3 wide into turn 12

Three wide right to left Chris Reeks (Elfin Malmark), Paul English (Moxon) & Terry Freckelton (Nota)
Results - November  "All Historic" Meeting
Eastern Creek Raceway

28-29 November 2009

1    Greg Stott              Mako MkI
2    Ian Cutcher           Rennmax Mk II
3    Mark Alexander    Granger
4    Nick Sebesfi         Elfin 500
5    Kevin Humphrey  Nimbus
6    Phil Lewis             Rennmax MkII
7    Chris Reeks         Elfin Malmark
8    Terry Freckelton   Nota
9    Bill Vesty                Mako MkII
10  Paul English        Moxon
11  Jeff Genge            Stag
12  Allan Riches         Spectre
13  Noel Gibson         Rennmax MkI

Race 1 - Saturday
1        Greg Stott              Mako MkI
2        Mark Alexander    Granger
3        Kevin Humphrey  Nimbus
4        Terry Freckelton   Nota
5        Paul English        Moxon
6        Jeff Genge            Stag
7        Allan Riches        Spectre
DNF  Noel Gibson         Rennmax MkI
DNF  Ian Cutcher           Rennmax Mk II
DNF  Nick Sebesfi         Elfin 500
DNF  Chris Reeks         Elfin Malmark
DNF  Phil Lewis             Rennmax MkII
Race 2 - Sunday
1        Greg Stott              Mako MkI
2        Nick Sebesfi         Elfin 500
3        Ian Cutcher           Rennmax Mk II
4        Mark Alexander    Granger
5        Chris Reeks         Elfin Malmark
6        Terry Freckelton   Nota
7        Paul English         Moxon
8        Jeff Genge            Stag
9        Allan Riches         Spectre
DNF  Kevin Humphrey  Nimbus

Race 3 - Sunday
1       Kevin Humphrey  Nimbus
2       Greg Stott              Mako MkI
3       Nick Sebesfi         Elfin 500
4       Mark Alexander    Granger
5       Ian Cutcher           Rennmax Mk II
6       Chris Reeks         Elfin Malmark
7       Terry Freckelton   Nota
8       Paul English        Moxon
9       Allan Riches        Spectre
10    Jeff Genge            Stag

See Natsoft for times and full race results

Some photo to look at from JPM Photography
Victorian Update
18 November 2009

It was fantastic to see Andrew Lord (Stag), Julian Fordham (Elfin) and Reg Gardner (Nimbus) all competing in the Regularity event at the recent Sandown Historics.  They all had a great time and their cars were all driven back onto the trailers at the end of the meeting. You can't ask for more than that.  A more detailed report will follow soon. 

The purpose of the update is to let you know that the entries for Phillip Island in March 2010 are out not.  I haven't been able to get confirmation that we can run the Vees in Regularity. but my suggestion is to enter anyway- and enter NOW.  The entries fill up in a matter of weeks.  Due to the large numbers, each year a class is excluded from racing on a rotational basis.  This year it is rear engined Formula Junior however they are still running group M&O cars.  I don't know how this will impact on any Vees wishing to race but I will find out- just enter anyway. I can't stress how fast the classes fill up. I'll forward on further info as it comes to hand.

All the best

Geoff Kelly

Reports - 18th Historic Sandown
7-8 November 2009

Three Historic Formula Vees entered Historic Sandown 7-8 November in regularity below is some accounts of the meeting I will put some pictures taken by Paul Hableton.in the gallery when I get a spare moment.

Julian Fordham's Report

We were unfortunately unable to attend at Friday practice as the master cylinder had failed, despite out every efforts to be ready.  Although I quickly learnt one of the huge benefits of going formula vee racing, the availability of parts, and within a day we were ready for the track.

After making it to the track and setting up, we went through scrutineering and the drivers briefing and I was ready for the track, heading out from towards the back of the pack it was an amazing feeling to quickly get up to top gear and be cursing towards the first corner. Having never driven at Sandown before, the first few laps were spent just understanding what was going on.  Getting used to the car and trying to work out exactly how much grip it had through the corners. The first session ended early after are car had stopped mid apex in one of the corners. In the dummy grid waiting for the second session the car died and would not restart no matter how hard we tried. Although this was disappointing it was a good chance for me to watch the other formula vee's fly around the track. After the session, we ended up with a mini formula vee conference in our marquee with the three drivers, all the 'pit crews' as well as some others, who had or are looking to race in formula vee. It was great to have a chat, and a few people went over my car having a look at different parts and giving me tips and suggestions along the way. Hopefully doing some of these tips and tricks will let me catch up to Reg's car (who was flying all weekend). There was quite a lot of interest in the Vee's, I guess with the historic movement growing (anyone who was there on Sunday can tell you how packed the grandstand was) I think formula vee's will grow more and more. Over the weekend I had numerous chats with people who were looking to get into the category. Mike, who I had first met up at Rob Roy when he was asking me about my vee, came along with photos of 1975 vee he had just purchased!

On the Sunday, despite the heat we had a great day, Although overall my car was getting sicker (No power above 4000), my driving was beginning to improve and I was getting a better handle of the car. There were many good moments over the weekend I think been overtaken down the back straight by a Bugatti Type 35 and a Ferrari 512 really made my weekend. Seeing a Bugatti drive past is one thing, flying down the back straight of Sandown then diving into the corners together was amazing and brought the biggest smile to my face!

Overall I had a great weekend, thanks to the VHRR for organising, to Reg and Andrew for been out their competing together and Geoff Kelly for answering all my questions before getting to the track.

Reg Gardener's Report

My son Phil and I took the car down on the Friday and secured a spot and managed to do the paperwork and get it scrutineered. Which saved messing around on the Sat.

We were first up on the Sat but everything went off OK and as it was the first time it had been driven for at least five years I was a little apprehensive, and I’m sure that Julian and Andrew were the same as it was there first time out.

Not ever having done a regularity before I just wanted to keep going faster which I did.  Not really the right thing to do but it was good fun.  The first session on the Sun I had trouble with third gear, but with a little adjustment on the linkage the last session was a bit better.  The only thing on the Sunday was the time we had to wait between sessions, first one at 9.15 and the second was at 4.50  so we had a long HOT wait.

See Natsoft for times look for Regularity Group 1

Competition Secretary Report
22 September

I trust everyone is well and happy in the Vee world ! At a recent meeting of the AHRMC the calendar for 2010 was determined as follows: 
  • 20/21 February HSRCA family day and one day meeting Wakefield Park,
  • 13/14 March VHRR Phillip Island,
  • 3/4 April SCCSA HRR Mallala,
  • 1/2May HSRCA Eastern Creek,
  • 29/30 May Austin 7 Vic Winton,
  • 31July/1Aug HRCCQ Morgan Park,
  • 18/19 September HSRCA Wakefield Park,
  • 16/17 Oct HRCCQ Morgan Park no frills,
  • 6/7 November Sandown,
  • 25/28 Nov HSRCA Eastern Creek- TASMAN.
We hope these dates are firm however they provide an early indication for everyone to plan their interstate trips. Perhaps when we have a few more cars we might be able to set up a "Historic Vee championship" with rounds from different states. Something to think about for the future.

With regards to the Tasman Revival the organising committee is supportive of Vee involvement however the onus is on us to provide a full grid of cars if we want a standalone race. We really have to start working on this if we are serious!
Finally we had a good showing of Vees at Wakefield over the weekend. We even had a standalone race for vees. A small beginning but a beginning !

John Murn did the commentary for the races at Wakefield and he gave Vees a big wrap! It is now up to us and that means more cars on the track. I was approached by a regular competitor in another category who is keen to get into Vees and I know other club members had similar approaches from people expressing interest in racing a Vee. To assist in this if you hear of any cars looking for new and caring owners can you please let Ian Lee or myself know.
The next race meeting in NSW is Eastern Creek at the end of November and I expect supp regs will be out soon. Check the HSRCA website.
Finally I' m looking for a trailer for my Avanti. If anyone knows of a small enclosed trailer can they please let me know. Or even a Vee sized open trailer
Best wishes to all
Edward  Gavin
HFVAA Competition Secretary
Results - Wakefield Park
19-20 September

1 Greg Stott           Elfin Malmark
2 Mark Alexander Granger
3 Ian Cutcher        Rennmax MkII
4 Phil Lewis          Rennmax MkII
5 Jeff Genge         Stag
6 Paul English      Moxon
7 Stephen Batty    Nota

Race 1
1 Ian Cutcher        Rennmax MkII
2 Phil Lewis          Rennmax MkII
3 Mark Alexander Granger
4 Stephen Batty    Nota
5 Jeff Genge         Stag
- Paul English      Moxon
- Greg Stott           Elfin Malmark
Race 2
1 Phil Lewis          Rennmax MkII
2 Ian Cutcher        Rennmax MkII
3 Greg Stott           Elfin Malmark
4 Mark Alexander Granger
5 Stephen Batty    Nota
6 Jeff Genge         Stag
-  Paul English      Moxon
Race 3
1 Greg Stott           Elfin Malmark
2 Mark Alexander Granger
3 Ian Cutcher        Rennmax MkII
4 Phil Lewis          Rennmax MkII
5 Jeff Genge         Stag
6 Paul English      Moxon
7 Stephen Batty    Nota
Race 4
1 Greg Stott           Elfin Malmark
2 Phil Lewis          Rennmax MkII
3 Mark Alexander Granger
4 Ian Cutcher        Rennmax MkII
5 Jeff Genge         Stag
6 Stephen Batty    Nota
7 Paul English      Moxon

See Natsoft for times and full race results
Notes from the Target Scrutineering and pre-race inspection day
30 August 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Many thanks to those of you who could make it to the Target Scrutiny day last Sunday. For those who couldn't get there do not worry as we will have another one before the next Eastern Creek meeting.
A common problem which kept arising with a number of the cars that I looked at on Sunday; That was lock-wiring of drain plugs! It is an easy thing to overlook when you are doing a pre event check on your car, the main offender being the rear drain plug on the transmission.
Another thing to check is the date of manufacture of your extinguisher and the last time it was serviced. Also check the gauge if the needle is not in the green then get it serviced or replace it with a new one. Get it out and give it a good shake (I am referring to the fire extinguisher here!!!) as the contents will settle over time.
Some attention should be paid to the hydraulic master cylinders, as a majority of these are made of aluminium. Our cars are not used every weekend and so they sit on stands awaiting the next joust. A habit to get into is to go and pump the brakes and if you have hydraulic clutches the clutch pedal as well about a half a dozen times at least twice a week. This will prevent the pistons seizing in the bores of the cylinders and will save you a nasty scare the next time you take it to a meeting and find that you have a solid brake pedal and no brakes!!!!!!! It will also save you having a collection of worthless master cylinders hanging around your shed.
Seat belts: Although the life of the belts has been extended doesn't mean that if the belts are frayed (where they might be rubbing against the bodywork) they are still serviceable! If the belt has been frayed even by the slightest amount then it's integrity has been compromised and so has your well being if you should have a racing accident - the only alternative is to replace the belts with new ones!! After all how much do you value your life!!!!
Whilst on safety items and although they are not part of Target Scrutiny, a crucial piece of gear is the helmet. Questions you should be asking yourself:
1. How long have I had it? The reason; Every time you pull your hat on and buckle it up you are crushing the foam lining and it does not expand again, therefore over say 3 or 4 years it will be a safe bet that your old faithful helmet is now really too big for you, so it should be replaced with one that fits.
2. What is the lining made of? Most of us use a helmet that meets AS1698, that's ok but it is also a safe bet that the lining is made of nylon, as a majority of road use helmets are. A helmet that is designed specifically for motor sport use has a flame retardant lining and is marked "Not suitable for Road Use", this is because of the narrow eye port.
Which brings us to question number:
3. Which would you rather be wearing?
Strictly food for thought - what price safety!!!
Thank you once again for bringing your cars out to Phil's place last Sunday I hope that we will see more of you at the next one as having your car in the Target Scrutiny System really does save a lot of hassle/agro on race weekends.
If you have any questions about what scrutineers may be looking for or any question about your car please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to assist you.
Remember: "Keep the shiny side up and the greasy bit down"
Noel Gibson
Mob: 0414 0475 0758
Ph: 02 6583 8046
Email: rennmax1@hotmail.com
Leyburn Sprints
15-16 August 2009

HFVAA Member Jason Miller took his recently completed 1981 Boekhorst Vee out for a run before it gets it C of D at the Leyburn Sprints.  This is the first time the car ventured out since being reunited with it's identity, as the car was originally thought to be a JKV when it last ran in regularity at the 2007 Formula Vee Nationals.

Jason had one competitor in a similar car at Leyburn, Merv Keehn in his CMS.  Ultimately Merv got the upper hand after Jason had to dash home earlier than he would have liked.  As Merv got faster Jason wasn't there to respond.

The results of the Leyburn Sprints can be found here

Boekhorst Vee

Jason has documented the journey of the car from unknown chassis to Historic Racecar on the Aussie Vee Dubbers forum click here for a link.
Results - National Historic Racing and Classic Car Festival
Morgan Park Raceway
25-26 July 2009

    Bob Roberts    -    Reynolds
2    Steve Wilkins    -    Venom
3    Peter Fry    -    Elfin NG
4   Bruce McPhail    -    Mako MkI
5    Bill Vesty    -    Mako MkII
6    Brian Franks   -    Audney
7    Jim Waugh    -    Spectre
8    Noel Gibson    -    Rennmax MkI
    Peter Fisher    -    Elfin Malmark
Scratch Race          
1    Steve Wilkins    - Venom
2   Bruce McPhail    -    Mako MkI
3    Noel Gibson    -    Rennmax MkI
4    Bill Vesty    -    Mako MkII
5    Peter Fry    -    Elfin NG
6    Brian Franks   -    Audney
7    Jim Waugh    -    Spectre
    Peter Fisher    -    Elfin Malmark
DNF  Bob Roberts    -    Reynolds

Feature Race
1    Steve Wilkins    - Venom
2   Bruce McPhail    -    Mako MkI
3    Peter Fry    -    Elfin NG
4    Bill Vesty    -    Mako MkII
5    Brian Franks   -    Audney
6    Jim Waugh    -    Spectre
7    Noel Gibson    -    Rennmax MkI
    Peter Fisher    -    Elfin Malmark

Handicap Race

1    Bill Vesty    -    Mako MkII
> 2    Jim Waugh    -    Spectre
3   Bruce McPhail    -    Mako MkI
4    Steve Wilkins    -    Venom
5    Noel Gibson    -    Rennmax MkI
6    Peter Fisher    -    Elfin Malmark
7    Brian Franks   -    Audney
8    Peter Fry    -    Elfin NG
Entries for Historic Sandown 6-7-9 November 09
Entry forms are now out for the Sandown Historic meeting in November.  This is always a popular meeting so get your entry in quick to avoid disappointment.. racing and/or regularity. You can get an entry from the vhrr website- click on 'Sandown'.  Don't hesitate to Victorian
HFVAA Commitee Member Geoff Kelly if you need some advice or assistance. (Now IS a good time to join the HFVAA if you aren't already a member!)

NOTE to enter regularity you do not need a Certificate of Description
Race Report from meeting at Lakeside 11/12 July 09

Very strange weather for Queensland was encountered for the return of Formula Vees to Lakeside. Many of the old and bold drivers from yesteryear turned up for the occasion making it a memorable weekend.

The Historic Formula Vee cars were lined up with the Category 1 Formula Vees for the meeting again. However, we were very light on the ground. There was only had three cars present. That being, Alan Don, Jim Waugh and Peter Fisher. Most in attendance had never driven at Lakeside before so the Management committee of FVAQ made a very sound decision to not make it a point score meeting. A wise move as it turned out over the weekend.

There were many “OFFS” within the category one people and it was only a matter of time before some one got shunted one way or another as the mix of drivers were from “my very first race in a FV” to “my very first race at Lakeside”. Consequently on Saturday Peter Fisher became innocently embroiled with an accident waiting to happen driver and bent his front end and trailing arm, which shut down his comeback race meeting short somewhat. He was ok and left vowing to be at the Historic meeting later in the month at Morgan Park. Good to see and hear.

The battle for supremacy was left to Alan Don and Jim Waugh to fight out. Jim kept getting the jump on Alan at the starts but Alan Managed to wear him down further into each race. Unfortunately in one race, Alan crossed the forbidden zone (merging lines coming out of the Pits onto the track), whilst attempting to get around Jim and resulted in him getting a 30 sec penalty thereby giving Jim his first race win since taking up the challenge to drive Historic Formula Vees. Alan took out the weekends results both enjoying themselves immensely.

We are all looking forward to the next historic meeting at the end of the month at Morgan Park.

Big Bad Bob
Vale Frank Fowler 1945-2009

Frank Fowler - Finnese

Today the Formula Vee family  lost a much loved member, Frank Fowler aged 64yrs. Frank raced the Finnese Vee in the 70s at Oran Park and Amaroo Park.

After retiring from racing he maintained a connection with Vees and his last outing was at the 40th Anniversary Meeting at Oran Park Nov 2005 at which he drove Chris Reeks car. 

Funeral details are as follows:
1pm Thursday 9 July 09
Mt Cotton Crematorium
Great Southern Garden of Remembrance
1774 Mt Cotton Rd Carbrook
Annual General Meeting (AGM)
29 June 2009

A new committee was elected by the Historic Formula Vee Association members at the Annual General Meeting on 29th June 2009 The new committee for 2009-10 is:

President - Steve Batty

Vice President - Mark Alexander

Secretary - Danny Last

Treasurer - Paul English

Technical Director - Phil Lewis

Competition Secretary - Edward Gavin
Committee Member Queensland - Bob Roberts

Committee Member South Australia - Michael Shearer

Committee Member Victoria - Geoff Kelly

Committee Member - Greg Smith

Committee Member - Noel Gibson

Results - June "All Historic" Race Meeting
Oran Park Raceway
27-28 June 2009

Cutch in control at Oran Park

"Cutch" in control at Oran Park

1    Ian Cutcher    -    Rennmax MkII
2    Bob Roberts    -    Reyonolds
3    Chris Reeks    -    Elfin Malmark
4    Mark Alexander    -    Granger
5    Terry Freckelton    -    Nota
6    Nick Sebesfi    -    Nota
7    Jeff Genge    -    Stag
8    Paul English    -    Moxon
Race 1           
1    Ian Cutcher    -    Rennmax MkII
2    Bob Roberts    -    Reyonolds
3    Mark Alexander    -    Granger
4    Terry Freckelton    -    Nota
5    Chris Reeks    -    Elfin Malmark
6    Nick Sebesfi    -    Nota
7    Jeff Genge    -    Stag
Race 2           
1    Ian Cutcher    -    Rennmax MkII
2    Bob Roberts    -    Reyonolds
3    Chris Reeks    -    Elfin Malmark
4    Nick Sebesfi    -    Nota
5    Mark Alexander    -    Granger
6    Terry Freckelton    -    Nota
7    Jeff Genge    -    Stag
8    Paul English    -    Moxon
Race 3
1    Ian Cutcher    -    Rennmax MkII
2    Bob Roberts    -    Reyonolds
3    Chris Reeks    -    Elfin Malmark
4    Mark Alexander    -    Granger
5    Terry Freckelton    -    Nota
6    Jeff Genge    -    Stag
7    Nick Sebesfi    -    Nota
8    Paul English    -    Moxon
Historic Vees in Queensland, May/June 2009
by Alan Don

May was a busy month for the historic Vees in Queensland, with events on 4 of the 5 weekends. 

The monthS started on 3 May with the Historic Racing Car Club’s Historic Mt Cotton Hillclimb. Four historic Vees entered – Len Don in the Stag, Stephen Wilkins (Venom), Jason McPhail in the Mako, and Jim Waugh’s Spectre. As with all HRCC hillclimbs, the first run was an untimed sighter to give drivers the chance to get the feel of the track with less danger of a “red mist “ mistake. The first timed run cast the mould for the day, with Jason setting the pace ahead of Stephen, Len and Jim. The next 4 runs saw everyone improve times, with Jason pulling out a very rapid 52.01 on his second last run to take the prize by over 2 seconds from Stephen (54.16), Len (55.33) and Jim (59.06). 

Two weeks later David Harrison (Nimbus), Bob Roberts (HFV) , Len Don (Stag) and Alan Don (Nimbus) ran with the FVs at Queensland Raceway in a set of races for the FVAQ Club Championship. Bob’s QR hoodoo was working overtime, with a very slow and frustrating qualifying, and a DNF in one race each day. Qualifying had David first of the historics at 1:38.4236 on the National circuit, followed by Len (1:40.0457), Alan (1:40.2750) and Bob at a 1:50.9289. The first race was on the Clubman circuit, with David first historic (8th outright), Len 9th and Alan 11th with Bob‘s engine stopping before a full lap.  Last race Saturday saw David again first (8th outright) followed by Len and Alan and Bob next with a less than perfect engine.
Sunday morning’s race was a cracker. Bob had completely checked and reset his engine, and it was running sweetly again. David led the historics off the line, but Bob caught him by lap 3 and got past at Turn 6, only to overcook it and go gardening. He came back without losing too much time, setting the fastest lap of the meeting for a historic at a very quick 1:35.9339 (fastest Cat 1 1200 was 32.2758), but then ran out of fuel on lap 7. David was first historic home (9th outright) with Len leading Alan only 0.0631s apart, after 9 laps of passing and repassing (9th place was never so hard fought!). As with all mixed category races, you have to do your dicing before the leaders catch up. The last race saw Bob have a faultless run, carving through the field from the back of the grid to take 6th outright and first historic over David, with Alan going under Len under brakes in the last corner and just holding him out on the line by 0.2 seconds.
Next weekend saw 9 Vees of varying ages and types front up to Morgan Park for Round 2 of the Queensland Supersprint Championship. There were 6 historic/historic era vees – Len Don (Stag), Alan Don(Nimbus), Peter Fry (Elfin NG), Merv Kheen (CMS), Dianne Phillips (Phoenix) and Fran Vermeulen (Stag). The younger cars were Darryl Carsberg’s Elfin, Stephen Wilkins’ Bee Cee, and Ben Plant’s Elfin Crusader. After a moist to wet Saturday and a dry Sunday, historic results were Len (also 3rd outright), Alan, Merv, Peter, Fran and Dianne.

The inaugural Cootha Classic was run on the last weekend in May. 220 cars competed on the 1.5km up and down closed public road circuit at Mt Coot-tha, just west of the Brisbane CBD. The event celebrated the early motorsport history of Brisbane, as the venue was the site of the first hillclimb in May 1916, and was part of the Brisbane 150 celebrations supported by Brisbane City Council. With so many cars, demonstration runs by 31 historic racing motorcycles (including Barry Sheene’s Cosworth Manx Norton and 5 of Gregg Hansford’s Suzukis, one ridden by 4 times 250/350 World Champion Kork Ballington), the event was a festival rather than maximum track time. It gave us all a chance to wander the pits looking at the superb cars (including the ex Stirling Moss1952 Fraser Nash Le Mans and the 1921 Amilcar). We also had the chance to talk to Gordon Dickson, who used to race CMS and Malmark Elfin FVs in Victoria against drivers like John Bowe. It was interesting to listen to his recollections, and his comments on the cars. Chris Reeks’ Malmark was once owned by Gordon

After the untimed sighting run, we all realised that the uphill section with 2 chicanes was fairly easy, but the turn and downhill on the old, rough and off-cambered road with its chicanes was the challenge for fast times. The first run had Alan Don leading on 66.13 from David Harrison (66.17), Len Don (67.21) and Robert Fry (70.73) in his first ever hillclimb. Sunday morning’s run saw David grab the lead with a 63.31 from Alan (64.11), Len (66.78) and Robert (67.16). The last run saw drama, with David’s car stopping in the first chicane with a broken throttle cable, and then catching fire around the cockpit. Somehow the outlet pipe from the fuel pump had come loose and fuel was pumped straight out over the front of the engine. David said that when it ignited, he recalls a ball of flame all around his head. Fortunately his helmet and balaclava, and race suit, prevented any bad burns, though he had a slight singe over the right eyebrow. David got out and used his extinguisher to quell the fire before the firies got to the scene (though it seemed like ages to us sitting strapped in at the start line, watching it happen). The car isn’t badly damaged – needs new belts, repairs to the seat top where it caught fire, and a new helmet and gloves. With that adrenalin rush, Alan pulled out a 61.72 to take the inaugural Group V title, from a rapidly improving Robert (62.53), David (63.31), and Len (63.56). Fastest car overall(49.39) was Bill Norman (Eldred Norman’s son) in an invited hillclimb special of his own making, using a Hyabusa engine in a car weighing 250kg, and fastest Historic car was Ron Hay in the Group R RH Honda hillclimb car at 49.47.

David’s fuel pump was one of the old cast alloy with brass inlet/outlet, and the brass pipe had come loose. I found a note about this hazard on a US Historic Vee site, with the author recommending using the modern pressed metal pumps available now for safety. I’ve attached the article for your interest. Photos of the Cootha Classic are on www.digitalrealism.com.au (soon), www.osella.com.au ,and www.iancolleyphotography.com.au .

June, in contrast, has been quiet, with the only HFV activity to be a car on display at the RACQ Motorfest as part of the FVAQ stand. No Gp V ran at the Queensland Hillclimb Championships this year, reflecting the busy May and the reality that we all have family obligations as well as racing. Next big event is the HRCC National Historic Meeting at Morgan Park on 25/26 July.

Finally, Vees return to Lakeside for the first time in years on 11/12 July, for a round of the FVAQ Club Championship. I don't know how many Historic Vees will be there besides me, as grid numbers are limited and there are very strict noise levels (lower than CAMS). All races are rolling starts, which should be an interesting experience.
Hill Climb - Mount Cooperabung (Kempsey)

25 May  2009
Report of from the Bill Revill on the Mount Cooperabung of the NSW Hill Climb Championship
Click here to read the report
Formula Vee Nationals
24-25 October 2009

Formula Vee Nationals will be held in Tasmania this year on the weekend of the 24th-25th October at Baskerville
Raceway.  The Nationals is open to the following categories: 1600, 1200 and Historics.

The Formula Vee Association of Tasmania is currently in negotiation with both Toll Shipping and TT Line in an effort to secure a cheaper Bass Strait crossing.

Any questions regarding the Formula Vee Nationals can be emailed to:
Stephen Barrington      sackland@bordernet.com.au
Pip Welch                       Welch@southcom.com

HRCC (Qld)
Cooth-tha Classic
30-31 May 2009

Four  Historic Formula Vees entered to run up Mount Cootha with HFVAA Member Alan Don proving to the be fastest  in his Nimbus.

Best Times:

lan Don Nimbus  1:01.7237
Peter Fry Elfin NG  1:02.5308
David Harrison Nimbus  1:03.3166
Len Don   Stag  1:03.5683

Photos and report hopefully to follow soon.

All Historic Race Meeting
Eastern Creek International Raceway
2-3 May 2009

HSRCA Race Meet
Chris showing the way to Mark at Turn 9. Image courtesy of Trent Wallis Photography www.trentwallis.com.

Practice Results: Click here

Race 1
Kevin Humprey - Nimbus
Ian Cutcher - Rennmax MkII
Mark Alexander - Granger

Race 2
Kevin Humprey - Nimbus
Mark Alexander - Granger
Chris Reeks - Elfin Malmark

Race 3
Ian Cutcher - Rennmax MkII
Chris Reeks - Elfin Malmark
Mark Alexander - Granger

Photos Link: Click here

Race Report
by Paul English

This race meeting we had six historic vees entered by:
Kevin Humphries - Nimbus
Mark Alexander - Granger
Chris Reeks - Elfin Malmark
Noel Gibson - Renmax
Ian Cutcher (Cutch) - Renmax
Paul English - Moxon


We started off on Friday private practice, Mark Alexander, Noel Gibson and I staked our claim on turn 4 for the weekend viewing. Noel chose to sit out the practice day and prepare himself for the weekend. Mark went out in the first session to practice on old Bridgstones with the intentions of changing them over to Dunlops between sessions. For session 2, Mark was joined by me to run a new motor in, however, the first of many problems curtailed my efforts. The rocker gasket failed first lap out. Mark meanwhile was looking good circulating consistently. During the break between these sessions, Mark took the opportunity to up the ante by fitting new Dunlops, I chose to change the oil in my motor. Sessions 3 and 4 were non-eventful except that my new motor was pumping out oil at an alarming rate. My Eastern Creek hoodoo has struck again.


It was a nice day at the Creek to go racing. As we were with a vastly mixed batch, getting a clear lap was difficult. But we all got through to record reasonable times, not good ones but reasonable ones.

We were the first race after lunch, and the weather had warmed up considerably. One thing I learned straight away was that the cars with doors, like to push themselves around. At the start, and into turn 2 the suicide moves by the slower cars were something to keep clear of, I suppose that is what I get for not qualifying better. The race went well for all with no dramas, and most people improved their times by approx 2 seconds per lap over their qualifying time. My car now had so much oil around it that everyone is certain my car will never rust.

The Vees looked like breaking into three groups of two to fight out positions but my partner Noel, had an oil leak and pulled out early leaving me to watch the other battles between Kevin and Cutch then Mark and Chris followed by a lonely me. This was our finishing order.

After this race, we had a social BBQ lunch, something I feel needs to be encouraged more at race meetings to bring the fun and camaraderie back to the track.


The first race today was a 6 lap Handicap race. The vees started from the rear of the grid to avoid the sedan congestion. It was a very interesting race, with everyone improving their time further. I broke into the 2:06 territory for the first time a pleasing effort. Again the Kevin and Cutch steam train were out in front doing 2:02s followed by Chris and Mark with myself not dropping off as much behind. However on the Cutch’s last lap, he spun at turn 6 dropping to the rear. I was not too far from the back of Chris and Mark until the last lap when a big grey truck??? chose not only take the racing line but to close me off if I started to pass at every corner. He slowed me down by over 5s in that lap. Again poor Noel had an oil problem that forced his retirement.

Last race of the day and it was set to be a good one. Noel had succumbed to his oil problem (2 leaking push rod tubes) Cutch also had 1 leaking tube but was fixed between races. As the race got underway we all got off to a good start, suddenly Kevin slowed coming out of turn 2 with a loose flywheel. The rest of us were in fairly close company until the start of lap 3 when I heard (and felt) a large bang. I pulled up after turn 1 to watch the remainder of the race. Thanks Cutch for the friendly waves each lap, it boosted my depression. The official who was with me commented that we all must get on well. I enjoyed watching the Mark and Chris duel into turn 2 lap after lap. If we get a few more cars out there then I could imagine a 4-5 car duel. On my return to the pit I found my problem, there is a 50mm hole in my crank case. I now have a new boat anchor.

I would like to thank those from the Association that came along, Steve Batty, Jeff Genge, Phil Lewis, Richard Batty, Nick Sebesfi and Greg Hepburn. Also thanks to my fellow competitors Chris Reeks, Noel Gibson, Ian Cutcher, Mark Alexander and Kevin Humphries.

I hope my hoodoo of Eastern Creek is over, in the last 3 trips there, I have gone through 5 motors. Whilst I initially hoped to get myself to Oran Park, due to family issues, I doubt I will run again this year. But I will be at the tracks to assist you all into your cars.

Best Wishes,

Paul English

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