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Driver Profiles
Leigh Hemmings (NSW)

Profession:   Semi-retired

Suburb: Scotland Island

Marital status: Married

Children: Two boys

Hobbies: Building wooden boats

Favourite sport: American Football

How long have you been involved in motor racing: 3 years

First race seen: Oran Park aged 8

First race car: PRB Birkin S3 Clubman

Currant race car: Clubman and half shares in Formula Vees (1985 Elfin and a 1979 Rennmax Mk11)


First race: Eastern Creek

Favourite race car: 1959 Ferrari 256

Favourite category: F1

Favourite racing driver: Ayrton Senna

Favourite food: Fish

Favourite movie: Grand Prix

Favourite movie star: James Garner

Greg Stott (NSW)

Profession:  Real Estate Agent

Suburb: Central Coast

Marital status: Wife Jenny

Children:  3 Children/2 Grandchildren

Hobbies:  Car Racing, Snooker,  Drinking Beer

How long have you been involved in motor racing: 8 years

First race seen: AGP 2001

First race car:  Avanti 1986

Currant race car: Mako Mk1 1967

First race: Oran Park 2002

Favourite race car: My Mako

Favourite category: Historic Formula Vee 

Other interests: The mighty St George Dragons. A long term Dragons tragic

Steve Batty (NSW) aka: Dick Tata aka: Show Pony aka: Oh I can’t write the other one.

Profession:  On  Tres Per Nerr. 

Suburb: Hornsby Heights, A better class of people live in the Heights

Marital status: Yes, just, err I think so.

Children: Yes 2 of the little Darlings, one of each type and I now realise I should have had that snip prior to marriage.

Hobbies: None as I don’t have time due to the HFVAA taking up most of it. What do you mean, that is my hobby!

Favourite sport: Blonde women

How long have you been involved in motor racing: I’m involved?

First race seen: 1977 Brands Hatch Formula Atlantic and Race of Champions.

First race car: 1960 Cooper front engine. Then a Shark nose Ferrari. Both I still own. But Dinky toys aren’t that much fun any more.

Currant race car: Squarebird (copy of Elfin 500) and NG Elfin

First race: Race!

Favourite race car: Ralt RT4

Favourite category: Formula Pacific/Atlantic.  Opps sorry Formula Vee of course.

Favourite racing driver: Me!     What?

Favourite food: Yes.

Favourite movie: Debbie does Dallas. But don’t tell Phil.

Favourite movie star: Well Debbie stupid. But again don’t tell Phil.
Super Star
Paul English  (NSW)

Personal Racing history: New to historic racing and this is his first race event.

Car number:    9                Colour: Red

Make/model of car and year: 1969 Moxon
Where built: NSW.              Builder: John Moxon
Chassis number and production numbers for the car:  Car consists of Mk1 Mako Chassis with additional bracing and a Nota body

History of the car (as known): 
Racing History:
•    Raced by John Moxon in 1970, including the Tasman support race of that year, unfortunately, his racing was cut short by a crippling practice crash at Oran Park.
•    Sold to Joe Bawden who raced the car before he also succumbed to rigours of Oran Park and barrel rolled the car at the end of the straight.
•    Joe repaired the car with a mako front shell and sold it to Barry Holloway who raced the car until 1975 when he blew the motor.
•    The car had remained in his backyard until Paul obtained the car in 2003, and restored the car back to the original body and colours as built by John.
Mechanical history:  With the exception of removal of the coil-over shocks and only keeping the transverse leaf-spring on the rear, the chassis is original including a slight twist from its many incidents.
Chris Reeks (NSW)

Personal Racing history :
•    Started in 1970 racing production Sedans (FJ and EH Holdens) around speedways in South Eastern NSW – Cooma, Mt Ginn (ACT), Tantawangalo (near Bega).
•    Moved on from that in 1979 to Off Road Racing in VW powered Buggies in events such Hattah and Sea Lake (Vic) Griffith and Kempsey (NSW). This lasted for about 10 years or so.
•    Decided in 2000 that I would like to get back in Motor sport so I bought Tony Caldersmith’s Wolsely 1500. I ran this in Regularity for 5 years before purchasing the Elfin Malmark Formula Vee. I have been running the Vee for the last 18 months

Car number:    22                Colour: Red/Yellow

Make/model of car and year: 1971 Elfin Malmark
Where built: Victoria          Builder: Ian Hill (under licence from Elfin)
Chassis number and production numbers for the car:  Number 4 of 10
History of the car (as known): 
Racing History:
First owned by Bob Prendergast - believed to have won an Australian Formula Vee Title with the car.
Owners (according to log book):H Sassons,  S Larkin, G Bailey, S Samuel, Bryde Darbyshire, D McClatchie, Alan Richards – Vic. Hill Climb Championship in 1996, Nick Jones, Darren Coonan, Chris Reeks
Mechanical history:  Believed to be in almost original condition.

Berni Haehnle (NSW)

Personal Racing history:
•    Winner of many Tasman Formula Vee Rounds and Coca Cola Formula Vee rounds and one of the original drivers from the start of Vee racing.
•    Went on to race Formula Ford and Bathurst.
•    For many years Berni’s name was synonymous with Formula Vee, particularly in NSW

Car number:    31                Colour: Yellow/black

Make/model of car and year: 1967 Mk1 Rennmax
Where built: NSW              Builder: Bob Britton
Chassis number and production numbers for the car:  Chassis number 667 – 7th of 21 built between 1965 and 1968

History of the car (as known): 
Racing History:
•    This is the sister car to Berni’s original car and was brought from Phillip Revell in 1980.
•    It won every round of the Coca Cola series in 1981/82. The car placed in the top five for many years and has recently started in Historic racing.

Kevin Humphrey (NSW)

Personal Racing history :
•    Started racing in the 60's in Austin 7s at Oran Park, Catalina Park & Warwick Farm. My one and only ever race win was at Warwick Farm in 1964 in a Vintage handicap race.
•    I gave racing away soon after that only to take it up again 34 years later at the late 90s in Formula Vee. I have been racing Formula Vees since.

Car number:    55                Colour: Green/White/Yellow

Make/model of car and year: 1985 Nimbus
Where built:    Powerline Engineering , South Aust      Builder: Clive Hill
Chassis number and production numbers for the car:  Chassis number 501 – probably the last Nimbus ever built

History of the car (as known): 
Racing History:
•    Car was built in 1985 but not raced until 1988 where it was run in Queensland by Neil Penbross.
•    The car passed through a couple of other owners in Queensland before coming to NSW where in ran in the 2000 Nationals.
Mechanical history:  The car is - as far as I know - still the same as it was when originally constructed

 Alan Don (Qld)

Personal Racing history :
•    Started 1997 in standard Triumph Spitfire 1500 – sprints, hillclimbs, regularity and autocross.
•    Started circuit racing in 2007 in Gp V.
•    Competed at Lakeside, Queensland Raceway, Morgan Park, Carnell Raceway, Lowood, Leyburn, Speed on Tweed, Mt Cotton, Mt Panorama and Noosa

Car number:    58                Colour: Yellow and green

Make/model of car and year: 1978 Nimbus
Where built: Adelaide.     

History of the car (as known): 
Racing History:
•    Ran in SA from 1978 to 1989, when it came to Qld
•    SA Owners: N Hubbard, S Roberts, M Holmes, M Morton, C Coombe, John Devitt
•    Qld Owners: J Hannigan, Col Furness, A Don
•    Group V class winner, 2007 and 2008 Australian Hillclimb Championships

Mechanical history:  Unknown, but it still has its original bodywork

NOTE:  Col Furness, the last owner, was a Darling Downs motorsport identity & commentator at Morgan Park and Leyburn Sprints. He died of cancer in May 2007
Nick Sebesfi (NSW)

Personal Racing history :
HSRCA – regularity in a Cooper S, Sprite Mk 3 and Elfin Vee, since 1999.
Racing since 2007 - lap records in Group Va in this car at Wakefield Park and Oran Park GP circuit
Car number:    65                Colour: Black, white stripes

Make/model of car and year: 1965 Nota
Where built: Nota Engineering – Sydney.      Builder: Guy Buckingham

History of the car (as known): 
Racing History:
•    A very significant car and a true original – having been one of three Formula vees to race in a Formula Libre event in September 1965 at Oran Park.  These were the first three Formula Vees EVER to race in NSW
•    Held lap record at Warwick Farm and Oran Park in the early 70’s.
•    Owners: George Gershos; John Phillips; Lawrence Hobbs; Peter Mull; Graham Garske; Peter Williamson (not THAT one!); John Fabiszewski
•    Ran in many of the Tasman events as part of the support category particularly at Warwick Farm, also at Sandown
•    Currently holds the Va lap record at Wakefield Park and Oran Park GP circuit

Mechanical history: 
•    Restored to original condition in 2000
•    Thought to be the only Nota racing in original design form
•    Featured on page 37 of “The Nota Files” – the book outlining the history of the Nota marque

Noel Gibson (NSW)

Personal Racing history: NSW hill climbs in various Formula Vees. Began circuit racing after a taste of Regularity at Wakefield Park and Oran Park in 2005, first race meeting Tasman Revival 2006, since then competed in HRCC (Qld) Inc. Race meetings at Morgan Park Qld. Competitor at “The Hill” in Noosa past 4 years.

Car number:    95            Colour: Blue/white stripe

Make/model of car and year: 1966 Rennmax
Where built: NSW              Builder: Bob Britton
Chassis number and production numbers for the car: This is the first Formula Vee Chassis constructed by Bobby Britton of Rennmax Racing Cars and was the jig for all subsequent Mk1 Formula Vees to come out of the Rennmax stable.

History of the car (as known): 
Racing History:
•    The car was first raced at the February 14th 1967 AGP meeting at Warwick Farm by Robert Ridley.
•    After which it passed through a number of owners such as the colourful Wolfgang Prejawa and was also owned and successfully raced by John Smith of Formula Atlantic / Two fame.
•    The car also competed in race meetings at Bathurst, Katoomba and Oran Park.
Ian Cutcher (NSW)

Personal Racing history:
•    Started regularity at Amaroo Park in a friend’s Lancia Fulvia in 1996 and continued regularity at HSRCA meetings in a Fiat 124 Spider until 2007.
•    Started in historic vee regularity as a guest driver in 2005 and 2006 at Eastern Creek, Wakefield and Oran Park in borrowed cars.
•    Purchased the Mk2 Rennmax in 2006 and first ran it at the 2006 Tasman Revival in regularity.
•    This is Ian’s first race.

Car number:    221                Colour: Blue

Make/model of car and year: 1978 Mk 2 Renmax Vee
Where built: NSW                  Builder: Bob Britton
Chassis number and production numbers for the car:  chassis no. CM20

History of the car (as known): 
Racing History:
•    This car was originally purchased by Colin Moulds in 1978.
•    Damon Beck bought the car from him in 1979 and raced it very successfully up to 1985 mainly at Amaroo and Oran Park.
•    Damon took the car out of mothballs in 2002 and ran it in a number of hill climbs. (After lying idle for 17 years it took half an hour to get the car running again)
•    Since I bought the car from Damon in 2006 it has run regularity until this meeting
•    The car is in totally original condition as raced by Damon in the 1980’s.
Mark Alexander (NSW)

Personal Racing history:

Regularity competitor at HSRCA meetings since 1995 in a Wolseley 1500.

Mark has also driven Vee regularity at Amaroo Park, Eastern Creek, Wakefield Park and Oran Park in the Granger Vee.
Car number:     96                              Colour: Green and Yellow
Make/model of car and year: 1977 Granger
Where built: Sydney                     Builder: Bob Graham & Friends
Chassis number and production numbers for the car: One of three built
Car History: Three cars were built in 1977 using the chassis jigs from the 1969 Standfast Vees. Bob Graham welded the chassis, and with assistance from his friends, they completed the cars. Two of the cars were called ‘Rangers’ and the third the ‘Granger’. The Granger saw a lot competition through the ‘80’s, and remains largely unchanged from that period. The Granger has competed at Oran Park, Amaroo Park, Wakefield Park, and Eastern Creek.
o    1977                    Bob Graham
o    1977 – 1981             Jeffery Swan
o    1981 – 1984             Peter Brown
o    1984 – 1995             Mark Adams
o    1995 – 2000             Malcolm Shaw
o    2000 – Present  Mark Alexander
Bob Roberts (Qld)

Personal Racing history:

Bob started racing in speedway some 50 years ago racing at Westmead and Sydney showground. Moved to Vic and raced speedway again as there was a speedway track in every country town and that kept me busy for some years. After nearing the end of my career in the mid 80s I took up racing again in Go Karts in Darwin for some years then moved to Qld to retire and took up 125cc superkart, racing achieving the Qld state title in my second year. I then moved up to the 250cc class and raced extensively in Qld, Oran Park, Eastern Creek Phillip Island Calder Park and Winton and did 3, over 4 years, trips to Laguna Seca for the world superkart Championships The only track I have not raced on in NSW is Wakefield.

Car number:    64                Colour: Blood Orange
Make/model of car and year: 1965 HV

Where built: Vic                 Builder:  Unable to advise at this time
Chassis number and production numbers for the car: N/A due to the above. 

Car History: Saw the car advertised on the FV website in Vic. It had been up on blocks in a garage for 10 years and was a bit of a challenge to get it racing again along with the paperwork of course. Has been owned by notable drivers such as Don Grievison and George Reynolds.

Alan Brown (NSW)

Profession: Carpenter, Builder, Site Forman, RETIRED
Suburb: :Jilliby Central Coast
Marital status: Married 43 years  (Sandra)
Children: 4 kids/6 grandchildren
Hobbies: Cars / Sailing
Favounte sport: Sailing  (Sandra won't sail)
How long have you been involved in motor racing: ON and off 37 years (mostly off)
First race seen: Warick Farm 1959/60
First race car: Hillman Hunter Safari, Light weight Mini
Currant race car: Formula Vee Venom 1974/75 plus MGB (regularity)
First race: 1974, Sprint Kart, HKS Comet, Int 100
Favourite race car: Ford GT 40
Favourit~ category: Improved Production Touring/Historic Formula Vee
Favourite racing driver: Kevin Bartlet/Norm Beechy
Favourite food: Home Cooking
Favourite movie: Master and Commander
Favourite movie star: Can't believe the money they make and it's not even a proper job!
Grant Kelly  (VIC)

Profession: Student
Suburb: Lysterfield South, Victoria
Marital status: No
Children: I am one
Hobbies: Car racing, Trail bikes, Basketball.
Favourite sport: Historic Car racing
How long have you been involved in motor racing: 14 years, I was brought up on the smell of Avgas
First race seen: Sandown 1996 (I was being pushed in a pram though!)
First race car: 1979 Historic Stag Formula Vee
Currant race car: 1979 Historic Stag Formula Vee
First race: Does Khanacross (motorkhana) count? If so, April 2010. 
Favourite race car: Maserati 250f
Favourite category: Historic Formula Vee
Favourite racing driver: Juan Manuel Fangio
Favourite food: Chicken Parma
Favourite movie: Love The Beast
Favourite movie star: Eric Bana
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